Disco Pizza Oven

Disco Pizza Oven

Cool pizza oven shaped to look like a disco ball was created from a fusion of light fascination and outdoor dining passion.

Disco Ball Pizza Oven designed by Mark Cresswell features a thoughtfully engineered stand that makes it free-standing on any solid surface.

Stunning 360-degree rotating pizza oven adorned with 34,000 mirrors is both a masterpiece of design and a culinary powerhouse.

On the inside, traditional stone core oven can reach temperature of 400 degrees in 20 minutes and bake a Neapolitan pizza in just 90 seconds.

Disco Pizza Oven spins, sizzles, and serves up pizzas so fast, even your dance moves can’t keep up!

Disco Oven

Disco Ball Oven

Disco Ball Pizza Oven by Mark Cresswell

Disco Pizza Oven by Mark Cresswell

Disco Ball Pizza Oven

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