3D Printing Photo Booth

3D Printing Photo Booth

Innovative photo booth that prints miniature 3D figurines instead of regular photos will soon be opened for business in Tokyo, Japan.

Customers will have to stand still for 15 minutes. Their entire body will be scanned and then realistic figurine will be printed.

Small action figure is priced at $264 and larger one will cost $530.

OMOTE 3D pop-up studio will open its doors on November 24.

3D Photo Booth

3D Printing Photobooth

3D Printer Photo Booth

3D Printed Figurines

3D Printer Photobooth

3D Photobooth

3D Printed Figurine

3D Printed Figure

3D Printed Figures

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  1. ross

    the bottom guy has cameltoe.

  2. Nisa Zul

    like it!

  3. cole


  4. Betty


  5. Francisco Fo

    oh, the future!

  6. Gert

    Oh I SOOO want!

  7. Katie

    This is awesome. Would make great wedding cake toppers.

  8. Douglas

    Do these require painting or coloring of some kind after the printing? In either case this stuff is incredible.

  9. Vinz Clortho

    @ Nisa Zul – the camel toe? Great timing.

  10. Adam

    “Customers will have to stand still for 15 minutes.” I really hope they ment 15 seconds…

  11. Latricia Fahringer

    In the for a couple of hours to get a clear print. Models used to sit still for hours upon hours for the Master painters. What’s so bad about 15 minutes? for a 3-D replica, it seems reasonable.

  12. Barrie G. Hall

    I do like that they only have to sell 10 figures to cover the cost of equipment. Looks like a viable business model for the Americas. Also 15 mins isn’t long to stand still ( I agree with Latricia ). We’ve had models stand still for hours on end with breaks here and there in many courses I am after taking.

  13. Kittu

    I’m going to wear my best dress for this one!!

    Guys could this be the work of a rapid prototyping machine?

  14. Larna

    i so want it! im a fan of miniatures!

  15. Alina

    Yes!!! This is amazing. the future almost here.

    I will love to have this now.

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