Cool Modern Outdoor Table

Cool Modern Outdoor Table

Abachus is a cool outdoor table with six metal arms that you can lean against instead of using regular chairs.

The table is extremely robust and perfect to be left outside in all seasons. Thanks to its fixed arms, you will never have to struggle with chairs.

Modern Outdoor Table

Abachus Outdoor Table

Stylish Outdoor Table

Abachus Stylish Outdoor Table

Abachus Modern Outdoor Table

Cool Outdoor Table

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  1. Bobbs

    that is going to be no fun for short people

  2. Final

    pain in the ass if sat for too long

  3. delere

    Lousy feng shui. Doesn’t even look comfortable and has lots of places to knock your knees and elbows.

  4. gunneos

    and if it’s outdoors and the sun’s a bitch, those seats are gonna burn.

  5. Jules

    rubbish, the seats/metal wouldn’t heat up that much, it’s too reflective and too dense

  6. Aarti Harish

    Oh..this one doesnt look comfortable….I would rather stand..!!!

  7. Urban Gardens

    Ouch, it’s hurting my butt just looking at it!

  8. ola

    it promotes smoking so its instantly bad

  9. Aditya

    its a really good creation, for a fantastic outdoor picinic or a very good system for the people who love to be in nature and surroundings, Also it is a very good concept for the people who stay for long in sun for eg. Land Surveyor’s who are standing and doing the land measurements standing they need only a support to stand with comfort with ease and proetecion from sunlight or Rains if the season is of that type…..Very good design, Appreciation to the designer and the concept developer……
    Best Wishes

  10. Emma

    It would be great for a smoking area. In Ireland and England smoking isn’t allowed in pubs and bars and a couple of these would be great outside a pub for a quick comfortable and sociable smoke

  11. Karin L.

    I would be seriously unhappy to have someone smoking that close to my face even OUTDOORS!

  12. Tony

    Oh get over yourself Karin L.

    I recently quit smoking and I still can’t stnad people like you.

  13. Spiele

    creative idea and funny also

  14. Carlito

    it promotes smoking so its instantly good

  15. malinkin

    That’s no good.
    If i go to a picnic with friends, i won’t be able to put even a plate with some barbeque/sandwiches on this table – the space is not enough. Maximum of my options will be just a glass per person.
    Then, you go outdoors to relax and not keeping balance on such bar seats.

    i suppose it’s okay to put such a thing on a small open-air balcony during the warm time of the year.

  16. anna

    one word “small”

  17. Rocci

    really cool. Obviously for a space where you wantpeople to inreract, but not necessarily pull out the barbeque. Would be a nice place to chat and wait for someone, would be great outside a bar/cafe.

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