Mushroom Cloud Playhouses

Mushroom Cloud Playhouses

Unique mushroom cloud inspired tree houses designed by Dietrich Wegner.

The beauty of a mushroom cloud is frightening, how it floats for a minute, delicate and blooming, yet remains chaotic and utterly destructive.

These creative playhouses make us experience a contradiction between what our eyes enjoy and what our mind knows.

Mushroom Cloud Playhouse

Cloud Playhouse

Mushroom Cloud Tree House

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  1. Moist Popcorn

    Uh… they are very pretty, but what these clouds stand for I can not agree with. Booyah

  2. Kids


  3. Betty

    Does a mushroom cloud have to be bad? I’ve seem similar clouds behind harmless rockets. My kids would be “gaga” for this.

  4. Addled One

    We can’t stand behind the message of Guernica, either. This playhouse is imaginative, child-like and, even though it has the form of a device that cost countless lives, it is not (in itself) responsible for the murder of innocent civilians. Through the contrast of innocence and the reality, there is a divide…an incongruity. Therein lies it’s message of peace. The artist and the viewer knows it’s evil, and is trying to find beauty, value, and progress in what is so terribly ugly.

  5. buffynut101

    does it have to be good or bad? why can’t just be awesome. grown ups always have to make things serous.

  6. Mihirr Panchaal


  7. Lukerville

    Every little kid’s dream.

  8. forumlogic

    “Tiddly-pom” said Pooh as he floated higher.

  9. Radu

    they’re pretty and seem really cozy, but i don’t aprove the idea on which they’re built. Cool anyway.

  10. Gert

    Pretty but disturbing concept. I don’t think I’d want one for my kids.

  11. Junnie

    I like it. Doesn’t really look stable though, but I have overactive fears.

  12. ugh

    All you people grow the hell up we would all be enslaved by the germans or the japanese with out that bomb it CREATED peace using destruction

  13. Atavistica

    No it didn’t Ugh.

    The A bomb was detonated AFTER Germany called a cease to war on the 8th of May. America dropped the bombs TWO MONTHS LATER on the 6th and 9th of August, leading to an end to hostilities in Japan. They only shortened the end of the war, they did NOT cause it.

    Link to a time line of the end of WW2, for your studies.

    I very much doubt that the amount of lives that would have been lost in ending the war in conventional style would have amounted to the amount obliterated in the two detonations on civilian targets and the resulting radiation sicknesses that killed tens of thousands more. The only difference, i suppose, was that they were not american lives.

    Atomic war, huh? what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

  14. ugh

    ” leading to an end to hostilities in Japan.”

    Definition of peace
    1. freedom from war, trouble, or disturbance
    2. treaty ending a war

    The bomb made it so a treaty was signed with japanese bomb created peace

    Definitions from app on blackberry

  15. Atavistica

    *we would all be enslaved by the germans*
    *2. treaty ending a war*

    The worlds first atomic detonation, the New Mexico Trinity Test, was in July months after Germany had signed a treaty to end the war it started. Not sure if I need to continue that one – nukes didn’t even exist on the 8th of May.

    Japan was already weakened by the war, having no natural resources of its own it was being starved by blockades of imports of coal, fule etc. There was no doubt that they would have given up, but it was a question of when. Their national pride and characteristic not to quit something once started meant they weren’t willing to give up – It took the worlds most horrific devices to convince them to finally stop. Please note that they did not give up after the first. It took two, and the deaths of 400,000 people, to convince the nation that it was a conflict they could not weather.

  16. ugh

    So they signed a different treaty with us they would never have given up the nature of their empire is to stay solid and not surrender unless beond a reasonable doubt they’d lose with out the bombs we would have invaded Japan completely and the Japanese civilians would have defended their homeland resulting in more American and japanese casualties combined than bomb did

  17. Atavistica

    Interesting reading for your studies:

    Includes memos on suggestions as to what the target should be, if the nation should have a humane fore-warning of targets and petitions by the people who actually made the device advising against use against civilians.

    The long and the short of my argument is that Japan would likely have fallen with less loss of life. I suppose i can’t prove that just as you can’t prove that the bombs, in killing nearly half a million civilians, spared more souls.

    Its been an interesting discussion, i hope we’ve both learned something :)

  18. whatever

    we all die in the end and our lives are too insignificant to bother protecting while we’re alive

  19. ugh

    Yes neither of can proufe our points indefinitely
    Truse then??

  20. Atavistica

    Indeed, truce.

  21. CharlieSheen

    This this is ugly, bro. Seriously- not fit for a warlock

  22. Emily

    isn’t a mushroom cloud just an easy from to have as a cloud tree house? how else would you have a free standing cloud? i would love to have one of these, why does everything have to be taken so seriously..

  23. Natassja

    That’s the beauty of being creative, people that can’t think outside of the box will never be able to experience what it really means to be a creative being. What I see is a very innovative way to change up what we normally would see as a negative thing. But now it is turned into something fun, fluffy, and fairy like.

    BRAVO for letting your mind free and out

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