Hand Cut Paper Silhouettes

Hand Cut Paper Silhouettes

Joe Bagley creates unique silhouette art from a single sheet of black paper.

These amazing paper cutouts were carefully hand cut by the artist using sharp x-acto knives. No lasers, dies, or prints!

Paper Car

Paper Kissing Couple

Paper Scooter

Paper Ship

Paper Tricycle

Paper Dinosaur

Paper Airplane

Paper Couple on Bikes

Paper Train

For more wonderful creations, check out: Incredible Paper Art

  1. Corey

    wow these are intense

  2. kadal

    nice t-rex

  3. viewer

    These are seriously awesome! I want to make one right now

  4. Larna

    Awwwwh…looks simple but veryyyy unique…More please!!

  5. Fasha

    he have Bicycle fantasy. lol.

  6. ran

    oh my god…those are cool..super duper cool

  7. Doc

    Really sharp knife and steady hands

    And a lot of time

  8. Faisy

    These all are amazing :)

  9. Jani

    Very detailed work :)

  10. Nick

    Check out the artist Kara Walker.

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