Alphabet Furniture

Alphabet Furniture by Set26

Swiss company Set26 makes cool modern furniture from the oversized letters of the alphabet.

Freely arrangeable letters, each equipped with trays and drawers, become storage objects that keep things tidy and look great in the room.

Alphabet Furniture

Typography Furniture

Typography Storage

Typographic Furniture

Modern Furniture

Literal Furniture Design

Set26 Furniture

Letter Furniture

Alphabet Shelves

Literal Furniture

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  1. ajayjshah

    “BAR” would actually be pretty neat for a small beverage center somewhere in the house.

  2. Sapp

    Those things are actually pretty cool although I dont know how creative it really is

  3. aditia

    really cool stuff, but not all of them we can really know what is it for

  4. Joas

    Gr8!!! Could use the one for my office.

  5. Gem

    @ajayjshah what? as in a bar?

  6. Jo

    small beverage center

  7. forumlogic

    Sterile, derivative and uninspired. There is nothing new or clever or lasting here. Seen it once – the joke’s over. Designers really owe it to us to try harder!

  8. KidStrong

    Nice idea, looks nice, but way to expensive! Starting at 1000 Euro up to over 2000 Euro for ONE letter!

  9. Karin L.

    It would be nice if you could figure out what they ALL were for!

  10. Mumoftwo

    Oh come on naysayers – what kid wouldn’t LOVE to have wardrobes and storage furniture (like the “M” in the pictures) in their bedroom that spells out their name!!! It sure beats a regular dresser and bookshelf! Good thing my kids have short names!

  11. delere

    I agree with forumlogic. Uninspired.

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