Glass House in Belgium

Glass House in Belgium

Unique house with two balconies designed by Bassam El-Okeily from Egypt.

In addition to looking cool during the day, every night the townhouse is transformed into a beautiful art installation by soft lights.

Glass Building

Glass Townhouse

Glass Office Building

Glass House Interior

Clean Interior

Narrow Glass House

Narrow House

Glass House

Glass Home

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  1. Sky_pirate

    Confusing… But really cool! What an abstract building..

  2. M&M

    imagine every one being able to see what you’re doing

  3. Truthiness

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw sto….oh never mind, that’s too obvious.

  4. a

    balconies behind a glass seem useless. balconies were cool because you could get some air. looks nice though

  5. James Anzalone

    how do you clean those windows! /sigh

    the poor maid.

  6. Gilles

    I’m proud to be belgian!

  7. Karin L.


  8. John

    seems like it would function better as a restaurant or store – not a house. Cool concept though.

  9. evie

    doesn’t fit in the neighborhood otherwise cool

  10. BUSH

    a neightbourhood with only glass houses. Excellent

  11. mailady

    Looks WAY out of place. And not very cozy.

  12. Fillibert

    Window cleaning easy. 40 bucks max. Easier that power washing. Love it

  13. omran

    very very creative .. hails from egypt :)

  14. DDS

    I hope this doesn’t give pedestrians a lot of glare when they walk past

  15. Mondo Print

    Awesome. I’d live in it.

  16. W007TMF

    Reminds me of an older big screen TV from the front. I Like.

  17. Liivu

    The structure is awerswome…good architectural job…but too much white…in my opinion and how do you clean these windows????

  18. Hsoj Spillihp

    waste of space.

  19. amy

    i love it, but i wouldn’t want to live in it, since everyone will be watching. but it’ll be great for commercial use :)

  20. JGarrido

    Why is everything always so white? Are these surfaces stain-proof or something?

  21. johan

    If someone throw some stones, will it kill the people inside? some country have riot and would be unsave.

    and if it is the bed room, and the view would be great.

    2 thumbs up for the designer.

  22. Aghyad Al Farra

    Commenting on speech of M&M
    if you notice that the architect put the elements of transition at the glass elevation .. in order not to let anyone saw u except when you are in the stairs .. and in a country like Belgium some people may not thinks this is a problem

  23. Tyron6

    I think it’s rare example of courage, imagination, future concept, eccentric taste and a lot of what happens when you put your mind in to something and make it a reality. I hope to see other project as enthusiastic as this one.

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