Art Inside Toilet Paper Rolls

Art Inside Toilet Paper Rolls

Anastassia Elias, a talented French artist, creates wonderful paper art inside of recycled toilet paper tubes.

Toilet Paper Roll Art

Toilet Paper Tube Art

Toilet Paper Art

Toilet Paper Roll

Tube Art

Toilet Paper Sculpture

Roll Art

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  1. rief

    Very very nice …love it

  2. RJ


  3. barn

    Really impressive

  4. Alysha

    Amazing! I love them! :)

  5. Chad

    Looks nice and warm with the background lighting.

  6. Nataly

    Beautiful works) thanks for post!

  7. Ben

    She must sit on the toilet a really long time to make them. I just throw my rolls out.

  8. Arkwright

    I am never throwing one of those paper tubes into the recycling ever again.

  9. Daniel


  10. vikramkumar sharma

    wow, awesome_work ._.

  11. Juan!!

    Niceee!! Love it!

  12. Raads

    WOW now thats what you call creativity. tell me how many people actually thought of that?
    It’s really very cool, and would appeal to a number of people.
    It seems that she has alot of time on her hands though, to be able to make such intricate pieces of art.

  13. JamJam

    Oh man I waste all mine in my hamster cage xD

  14. Andrea Green


  15. Dalal


  16. Nong nuch

    Amazing! How did you make it.

  17. beankssiduous

    This is amazing!! Very creative. How did you do it?

  18. Damien Cummings

    That is very cool. I have the same question as the others: How the heck did you do that?

    Great job. Can’t wait to see what else Anastassia Elias has done…

  19. Mynameisrequired

    Proving that art knows no boundries. It’s everywhere!

  20. Art of Concept

    Fantastic!! Great work!

  21. Lloyd

    Wow. This is a great set of photos. Wonderful work by the artist.

  22. lio

    i wanna have such beautifull and creative me…

  23. Joyce

    Wow…..these are awesome!!!

  24. Christina


  25. Elisa

    i did tis project in 4th grade! i loved doing it! these are a website that my art teacher showed us and i love them! AMAZING!!!

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