14 Examples of Literal Product Design

14 Examples of Literal Product Design

Collection of cool and creative product designs that literally represent the products themselves.

Milk Carton

Amazing literal milk packaging concept by Gabriel Lefebvre and Julien De Repentigny.

Milk Carton

Periodic Table

Literal representation of the periodic table of the chemical elements.

Periodic Table

Fruit Juice Packaging

Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa has designed a series of literal fruit juice packages that have the look and feel of the fruit they contain. [more]

Literal Fruit Juice Packaging

Speech Bubble Speaker

Cool speakers that plug directly into your computer or MP3 player.

Speech Bubble Speaker

Remote, Radio, and Subwoofer

These interesting concepts for electronic devices are a part of “Used as Read” series.

Remote Control

Radio Radio

Woof Subwoofer

“Book End” Bookends

Organize your novels with a pair of handy metal “BOOK ENDs”.

Book End


Eric Ku created a chair by assembling the redesigned alphabets.

Chair Chair

Hot Radiator

Clever radiator design informs everyone that the radiator it hot.

Hot Radiator


Da-Eun Song has designed a cool shelf that spells out “shelf”.

Shelf Shelf

“Table” Table

Literal interpretation of a table designed by Toshinori Kamiya.

Literal Table

For more designs, check out: 15 Examples of Creative Packaging

  1. Second Poster

    The fruit juices FTW! I love them, but a waste of plastic anyways.

  2. Moinid

    I like the Milk carton :) Very nice and simple idea

  3. Dave Sparks

    Love the periodic table, genius!

  4. Hillie

    Great idea’s! I like the “hot” heating system! :-) Could use one in my bathroom!

  5. al3xander

    Mostly ugly, though. :(

  6. Julie

    I love the Radio Music Woof one :D

  7. Jaqi Mugo

    Puns, too funny ha ha ha! :D :D ;D

  8. Karin Stewart

    Quite fun!

  9. bayilik

    Very fantastic and funny… I liked TABLE and HOT much

  10. Cory

    i think more than half of these have been mentioned in previous articles, but they still blow my mind nonetheless.

  11. Reilly

    The milk one is cute, but it seems impracticable. It wouldn’t hold that much milk in it at all.

  12. Final

    i don’t think the table table is useful. so wad are you going to do with the a,b,l,e?

  13. abhi

    love it. For some reason I can’t get over that milk carton. Genius.

  14. hallowe'en flavr

    the periodic table is genius. but that chair makes me want to vomit. i love the radio!

  15. alext

    the milk carton *looks* great, but I can’t help but be the one to think of functionality… do you even realize how difficult it would be to get that last bit out? like one of those ball table mazes (you know those are hard).

  16. Eddie from Ohio

    I think the chair is cool, and the periodic table. Why, the others? Farcical product semantics.

  17. .

    I love the ‘Table’ table.

    Final, all the other letters look like the right size and proportions to be seating. I think the ‘b’ would work as a bench on one side. The like the ‘l’ and ‘e’ looked joined, and would work as a bench on the other side. The a could easily be a chair at one end. Voila, seating for 5!

  18. Scirocco

    Very fantastic and funny…

  19. Fresh

    Periodic Table table and Fruit fruit juice packaging are both wins!

  20. JC

    i want the ‘book end’… too cute!!

  21. amitshankar

    Great work!!!!!!!!
    I love “shelf and Table”

  22. van

    it’s like that show on playhouse disney! lol!

  23. ChEeSe

    the “milk” is the best

  24. utarinda

    i love the Hot Radiator

  25. manish

    Really Creative…!

  26. Lyndi

    Some are kind of bulky and impractical but I did like the Periodic Table.

  27. ANILover

    looks like they just came from the kids cartoon “word World”

  28. sri

    I like table !!!!!!!!! excellent

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