Cool and Stylish Fireplace Designs

Cool and Stylish Fireplace Designs

Collection of beautiful modern fireplaces and unusual fireplace designs that will heat your house in style.

Mobile Fireplace

Travelmate portable fireplace makes it possible to set up stylish source of heat wherever you want it.

Mobile Fireplace

Cabinet Fireplace

GATE fireplaces by Conmoto come with a wood storage cabinet right next to the fireplace.

Cabinet Fireplace

Round Fireplace

Make a stunning centerpiece in your living room; with glass on either side, you can enjoy the flickering flame from every angle.

Round Fireplace

Coffee Table Fireplace

Beautiful Vidro fireplace table is completely mobile and requires only gelled ethanol fuel to burn a smokeless flame in your room.

Coffee Table Fireplace

Trunk Fireplace

Contemporary bio-ethanol powered fireplace in a trunk from Atria.

Trunk Fireplace

Wall Fireplace

Wall-mounted fireplace provides an attractive addition to any room.

Wall Fireplace

Waterfall Fireplace

Hearthfall is a beautiful, cascading waterfall that will transform your regular fireplace from a seasonal commodity to an elegant, year-round functional work of art.

Waterfall Fireplace

Rolling Fireplace

As it rolls, ROLL FIRE easily balances its stainless steel tank, mounted on its roller bearings. As it is held in place by magnets, when the tank is being filled with bio-ethanol, the glass is lifted off in no time at all.

Rolling Fireplace

Suspended Fireplace

Gyrofocus suspended fireplace is a great conversation starter.

Suspended Fireplace

Kubik Fireplace

Modern fireplace from Edilkamin is designed to provide high performance heating and great looks for many years to come.

Kubik Fireplace

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  1. Heru

    Someones doesn’t look like real fire. And what about the smoke? Where does it go to?

  2. ajayjshah

    @Heru I agree. Although still some neat stuff and concepts.

  3. Pete

    My favorite fireplace design is the one used in the Hotel Grande in Reykjavik: It was all glass with volcanic stone at the bottom and a gas flame coming up from the stones. Neat stuff.

  4. sean

    they’re all real, as an architect i can say i’ve seen them. the smoke is aspired by internal vacum mechanisms.

  5. Critical Eye

    All look pretty cool. The waterfall fireplace looks a bit odd, maybe too traditional, but still neat.

  6. RL Creative

    Well, some of them are using BIO gas, that doesn’t have any smoke at all :) But very cool designs.

  7. Gina

    Where there is smoke there is soot which is a fire hazard if it builds up too much. How is the internal vaccuum mechanism cleaned? I like the look of the suspended fireplace though it’s hard to imagine how the suspendion is done. And how would one keep sparks in and children/pets out?

  8. Gerard

    Some look a little bit dangerous

  9. JGarrido

    They all look pretty awesome, and/but obviously couldn’t be used with pets and small children around.

  10. Karin L.

    WOW! I love them! It’s almost impossible to find contemporary anything much less fireplaces!

  11. Angela

    The waterfall one really bothers me. An interesting thought that just doesn’t work.

  12. Casette

    I’d love the Wall Fireplace in my house :) Very stylish but I wonder if it is at all convenient.

  13. X

    The waterfall one was pretty good but could be better. I like most of them but alot arent really providing heat. Also, the best fire(in my opinion) is used with wood.

  14. pia torres

    nice!! awesome:D

  15. woundedduck

    Didn’t I see Hearthfall in one of Saddam’s palaces? Classy.

  16. Karen

    im thinking they use that gelled ethanol stuff that doesnt give off smoke thats mentioned in the video one with the two glass walls…

  17. delere

    Love the waterfall idea although the surrounding mantel isn’t my taste. I would think it would catch most embers like a screen and probably add some humidity as fireplaces tend to dry the air.

    Very cool.

  18. Fresh

    these are all incredible. love the round, suspended and kubik designs

  19. Nancy Reid

    I’ve had wood, gas, and electric. I’m glad to see all the new possibilities with smokeless fuels.

  20. Hippo

    The waterfall fireplace looks kind of stupid.

  21. Lance

    lol…being NFI certified in gas, wood, and pellet appliances, i’ve never once seen an appliance with an “internal vacuum mechanism”…most of these are ethanol fuel fireplace…I work for an internet retailer that sells these…they are being touted as the next best thing, but sales are sluggish…be careful with the promise of no odor…some homes have a greater degree of dust, pat dander, perfumes, and air fresheners…when these elements burn, they can produce offensive odors…and trust me…it’s not easy telling a customer…it’s not the fuel…it’s your home that stinks :/

  22. Anny

    @ Lance

    Is it dangerous to have these fireplaces and spray deodorants in the same rooms? I can’t live without deos and air freshners.

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