17 Creative Hot Air Balloons

17 Creative Hot Air Balloons

Collection of cool modern hot air balloons and creative giant balloon designs from all over the world.

Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon

Cool Darth Vader shaped hot air balloon created by Belgian Star Wars fan Benoit Lambert.

Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon

Monsters Inc. Hot Air Balloon

Creative hot air balloon inspired by a 2001 computer animated comedy film from Pixar.

Monsters Inc Hot Air Balloon

Turtle Hot Air Balloon

Unusual hot air balloon design shaped as a turtle.

Turtle Hot Air Balloon

Snoopy Balloon

Snoopy balloon makes its way through Columbus circle in New York.

Snoopy Balloon

Nescafe Mug Hot Air Balloon

Cool balloon form 14th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

Nescafe Mug Hot Air Balloon

Shrek Balloon

This cool balloon was paraded during the 81st annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Shrek Balloon

Bees Hot Air Balloons

Creative hot air balloons shaped like honey bees.

Bees Hot Air Balloons

Mr. Potato Head Balloon

Mr. Potato Head and Ronald McDonald giant balloons from the 80th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Mr Potato Head Balloon

Ronald McDonald Balloon

Ronald McDonald Balloon

Mr. Peanut Hot Air Balloon

Mr Peanut Hot Air Balloon

Kermit the Frog Balloon

Kermit the Frog balloon makes its way down Broadway in New York.

Kermit the Frog Balloon

Thomas Train Hot Air Balloon

Thomas Train Hot Air Balloon

Horton Balloon

The Horton balloon makes its way through Times Square in New York.

Horton Balloon

Space Shuttle Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon shaped and sized to resemble the Space Shuttle.

Space Shuttle Hot Air Balloon

Coca-Cola Bottle Hot Air Balloon

Amazing hot air balloon shaped like a giant Coca-Cola bottle.

Coca-Cola Bottle Hot Air Balloon

Cow Hot Air Balloon

The Cow hot air balloon takes off in the skiing resort of Chateau d’Oex, in the Swiss Alps.

Cow Hot Air Balloon

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  1. Sachawinter

    All so impressive! Love the cow flying! Shouldn’t it be a pig though… :)

  2. lily

    lol sachawinter
    alls nice =]
    great post!

  3. Austin

    I’m trying to decide if I like the coke one or the cow one better… :)

  4. alex tass

    The cow beats them all :)))))))))
    Darth Vader is awesome too.

  5. BO$$

    not really creative. the only ones would be the cow and the shuttle ones. the rest are just characters made into balloons

  6. Andri Ansyah

    I like Space Shuttle Hot Air Balloon ! where to buy ? hahaha.. lol !!

  7. Roland

    Awesome :) Liked the Cow, coca-cola and space shuttle :)
    Just so creative :)

  8. unDave

    Darth Vader all along!!!

    -by unDave

  9. Anirtak

    hahah I would love to see these giant things floating around in my sky every day!

  10. Dave Sparks

    The Darth Vader one is great, got to see it in Hamilton NZ last year, looks menacing lit up. They also had a great haunted house and pop up pirate.


  11. Betty Cires

    Colorful and beautiful. Love it!

  12. michael

    you shouldn´t miss that upside down balloon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lhhck3dPhOM

  13. Karin Stewart

    I LOVE these balloons! ….and definitely it should be a flying PIG. I’m from Cincinnati where the Flying Pig Marathon is!

  14. Jef

    fun, but do the parade ones belong? they’re not hot air balloons, so the shape constraints are much less for them.

  15. Reilly

    I was waiting for a hot air george bush… :(

  16. delere

    The cow is awesome. A photo of it with the moon “under” it would be cool.

  17. choco

    aahah at the flying cow.

  18. scirocco

    The cow beats them all :)))))))))
    Darth Vader is awesome too.

  19. anna kristine

    all of them are beautifl but one is my favorite is the tutle its colorful:):):)

  20. omats

    wat a cow …….it cool

  21. Raads

    the monsters inc. one is creepy, man if i just woke up n looked out the window to see THAT thing, id be scared out out of my fricking skin! imagine kids aswell!

  22. Janie

    The cow is the best but maybe that is true because of the beautiful background of that picture. No…. the cows the best.


    Should definatly have a flying pig… Whens pigs fly….

  24. Laura

    I like the coke and the cow (the cow jumped over the moon) and the shuttle!

  25. shahab

    cow is very good.

  26. jalysa

    hey yall thats great i love the coca cola one

  27. James Ward

    I am wondering if Disney created a hot air ballon that resembles the house in the Pixar movie ‘Up’.

  28. Vivian

    Fun air balloons, love all of them!

  29. hersheylover

    Wow they were really preaty

  30. softy143

    really cool the cow in the best

  31. Gail

    Looooooved the cow best of all!!!!!!

  32. Andy Stuart

    these air ballons are alright, but i travelled the world and went on every air ballon and the fastest one was probuarlly the plane white one.
    Becuase it was soo fast beacuase i moded it with nitro!!!

  33. Shopoholic

    Kindov in love with these, daddy i want one now!

  34. Yosua

    Awesome stuff… i wonder which air balloon is the biggest… I’d like to buy the Darth Vader one…

  35. maryam

    wonderfull..The cow is best of all…

  36. Ryyx

    Yeah, those parade balloons don’t really belong with the special shape hot air balloons. They’re something entirely different. As a balloon crew member, I can tell you special shapes are really tough to inflate, control, and pilot.

  37. Ravi Shankar

    All the above creations are really wonderful. I like to thank all the people who were involved in preparing this fantastic job. Keep it up !!!!!

  38. valerie

    My cousin would really love the thomas the train one.

  39. toni

    They should have made their basket into a moon, for the cow jumps over the moon

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