Dear Blank, Please Blank

Dear Blank Please Blank

Clever greeting cards with sarcastic and humorous messages for your friends, enemies, relatives, and colleagues.

“Dear Blank, Please Blank” letterpress cards are printed by Sapling Press.

Dear Blank Please Blank Letters

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Creative Greeting Cards

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Dear Blank Please Blank Cards

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Dear Coke

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  1. Catherine


  2. james


  3. Cheryl

    Clever. Love these!

  4. Chaz

    O … Yes…. Brilliant

  5. vivek

    very nice

  6. @@@

    Damn that’s incredible

  7. Ella


  8. David

    Dear Your,

    You’re being overused.


  9. jiig_

    Brilliant and i am ginger with many friends

  10. Ashe

    Dear Eggplant,

    If I plant myself would I be one of you when I grow up?

    The Egg

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