12 Amazing Horseshoe Sculptures

12 Amazing Horseshoe Sculptures

Tom Hill, a talented self-taught sculptor, uses recycled horseshoes to create incredible life-size animal sculptures.

The artist utilizes a gas forge, anvil, hammer, as well as various welding techniques to heat and shape horseshoes into amazing sculptures.

Horseshoe Swan

Horseshoe Elephant

Horseshoe Pig

Horseshoe Dog

Horseshoe Fox

Horseshoe Duck

Horseshoe Lioness

Horseshoe Race Horse

Horseshoe Heron

Horseshoe Deer

Horseshoe Turtle

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  1. Julie

    Pretty cool :)

  2. Lindor

    Good idea, but it’s not so artistic or amazing IMO. Just shapes of animals using horse shoes. It would be more interesting if he made the forms more exaggerated or abstract.

  3. Gen


  4. Uri Gobey

    all that and only one horse????!!!

  5. Arkwright

    Hehe, these are quite charming, the fox in particular.

    Considering that he’s a self-taught sculptor, I feel that there’s a very appreciable beauty of artistic craftsmanship in these sculptures rather than one of some abstract expression.

  6. Sky_pirate

    Love it! They’re all amazing

  7. Cechas

    deer looks great

  8. Den

    Very nice! I find them amazing!
    The turtle is just awesome!

  9. Mask

    I love the stag.

  10. latincrow

    really cool, loved the fox

  11. noartist

    @ LINDOR: I think that the beauty in this comes from the unusual material used and how realistic in form the horseshoe animal is. One has to appreciate the workmanship it must take to create such a sculpture!

    I loove the elephant!

  12. rizwan

    awesome…. :)

  13. Karin L.

    I really like this!!!

  14. Reilly

    Very creative. They look great!

  15. Lintu

    awesome =)
    i want one of them

  16. larry

    As an amateur welder myself using horseshoes I find these world class. The average observer has no idea the labor involved. Very impressive!!

  17. Joe

    @Lindor – I made some of these myself last night, except I made the simple guys made from 3 horseshoes. Those simple, 3 step ones took me about an hour a piece. Imagine taking those three steps, and multiplying by 100. Each and every horseshoe on these sculptures is bent, or altered in it’s own way. Not just a bunch of regular shoes welded together.
    If you think that is easy, I challenge you to make something that amazing and flawless.

  18. Ginger

    I love these !!! Do you sell these??? If so, where and how much…??? Elephant

  19. Paul Olson

    this would be much harder than you’d think to do. everything looks anatomically correct, even the contours of the animals seem life like. forming metal is something one can do with practice, but making it seamless with large individual parts and having natural flow to a body would be a time consuming task. making something appear natural would take a keen eye and more detail orient than one would think.

    props. wonderful stuff!

  20. Debra Lane

    They were ALL my favorites!!!

  21. David Earick

    To say these pieces aren’t art is an insult, it takes incredible talent, work ethic, and many man hours to produce such a sculpture. Being an ameture horseshoe sculpter/welder myself and owner/operator of “Outlaw Primitives LLC.”, I understand what it takes to make even the smallest piece from metal, and these are nothing short of amazing. Great job on these pieces, they are truly a work of art!

  22. Sandy G

    …and really easy to clean-up-after.

  23. Mary

    What is the price of the turtle?

  24. delta gunner

    Outstanding! Being a lifetime welder/fabricator in every aspect of iron work, machining and on for 42 years, this represents a gateway I’ve not entered and have to say I’m impressed and humbled by the raw talent shown here. The great multitude of tack welds that had to be made and the integrity of the tacks so 15 don’t break while adjusting one is probably only imaginable by a welder not to for get expansion and draw at heat and cool of every weld. I hope you are charging a substantial rate for these. I dabbled in a two seat porch swing from horse shoes, simple in comparison yet enough to make me run from an attempt at these. On a guess, I’d price the Buck Deer at 25 thousand, minimum. Peace, and get paid up front.

  25. mario30

    I really like the swan

  26. tye

    Wonderful art!!! Tell lindor to try it and find out how artistic it really is.

  27. trey bailey

    panther is the most amazing thing ive seen so far

  28. Steve

    @ Lindor you must be joking “not artistic or amazing IMO”

    “Should have gone to specsavers”

    Theyre fantastic peices of art,unpretentious and earthy
    wish i had half that skill,well done mate.

  29. Kathy

    What clever and oh so creative work!!! Amazing!

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