Want vs Need

Want vs Need

Series of clever illustrations by talented designer Erin Hanson reminds us about the important things in life.

Most people “want” everything, but they only “need” enough to survive.








Easy Street

New Things



Food Groups





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  1. Jenn Staz

    Aww… the Thankful one really touched me. Something I need to do more.

  2. EugiKo

    true, more less…

  3. AA

    THUMBS UP!!!!!

  4. gunneos

    i don’t know. somehow the captions take something away from the icons.

  5. Ninja Egg :D

    O_o wow. this is so true, so very very true..

  6. El Blaino

    yeah, I disagree with a lot of these, and I think the captions make the images weaker

  7. Lilia Smiles

    I agree with gunneos.. the captions make me a little confused and I strongly feel that pictures are worth a thousand words…the captions lowered the value of the pictures.

  8. Glenn Contreras

    Ohhh… genious! <3

  9. Sharyn

    Yep, I agree that the pics without the captions are really powerful, although the captions didn’t ruin it for me. The only one I really didn’t like was the “Goodbye Money or Hello Charlie” one, simply because I don’t understand the caption and it makes me puzzle over that rather than the image.

  10. Dominic

    I like, but a little too simple if you catch my drift!

  11. 2LV2

    Thanks for the rarest of all commodities…..

    Common sense.

    I recently downsized my car. My heart is so much lighter!

  12. Caddison

    Maybr charlie is the tuna?

  13. James

    Charlie is the StarKist Tuna mascot.

  14. Jacolby


  15. JCM

    Sorry Charlie………
    Totally not impressed, the idea is promissing but the excecution lacks maturety of thought……

    This type of design delivery is something I would expect from an untrained amature designer!

    Try again and Best of luck !!

  16. Julie

    Haha the Facebook and face a book is clever

  17. Kartika Angkawijaya

    Wah, love this so much..
    Good words with perfect illustrations :)

  18. Jason Lee Smith

    Us designers should send the knowing what you like one to our clients :)

  19. James

    I dont like these. the images don’t do anything for me at all and they are made worse by the captions!

    I dont even agree with some of these images, I think it would have been stronger if they were done with less of an artists opinion involved. They are being presented to us as if they are absolute truths…

  20. Ben

    Anyone that doesn’t like the captions needs to live a few more years… Light hearted, good tasting fun, Thank you!

  21. HannahJet

    i used to live on easy street, literary.

  22. sophie


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