Recycled Food Packaging Lights

Recycled Food Packaging Lights

Anke Weiss, a talented Dutch artist, has designed a series of beautiful lights made from recycled food and drink packaging. Enjoy!

Packaging lights show the transformation of a mass-product into a unique item. The packaging survives the point where it usually turns into garbage and becomes a product itself.

Recycled Packaging Lights

Lights by Anke Weiss

Food Packaging Lamps

Recycled Packaging Lamps

Packaging Lights by Anke Weiss

Packaging Lamps by Anke Weiss

Food Packaging Lights

Food Packaging Lights by Anke Weiss

Packaging Lights

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  1. +Father Tom


  2. Mr.Great

    I like it. But if they made the holes smaller they could have made more intricate designs. Also it would be amazing if they had a huge box, as big as a regular size school bus. That would be Great.


  3. superdit

    so the light from recycled food package, the cost must be so low :lol

  4. Paul Sample

    This is so awesome! I really like it.

  5. Andy


  6. latincrow


  7. Gog

    mmm, a little useless.

  8. Julie

    This is really cool but a bit pointless tbh!

  9. Jackie

    These just look like garbage with holes poked through them

  10. Andy

    That’s because they are!!!

    Cool idea though

  11. Christian

    If it’s not organic, nor of nature, then it’s garbage. Everything in your lives is garbage. Everything will become refuse. So what’s left to do? Beautify. Beautify. Beautify.

  12. Mask

    aw thats so awesome. im gonna go get some LEDS, a needle and an empty milk carton. make one with a cow. ^^

  13. Jules

    Very pretty – who cares if it is pointless, useless, and whatever other criticisms I’ve seen here…good grief people…just someone being creative – just enjoy the view.

  14. Slava

    Beautify. This is so awesome!

  15. Karin L. Stewart

    A good example of the word RECYCLE!!!

  16. GiDEZEL

    will try to make one… :)

  17. deekomoose

    Big fan of this

  18. Karen

    it would be an awesome nightlight! yeah, same here, i want to try making one now… doesnt seem too hard, just the poking holes thing might take a long time.

  19. Ben

    It’s amazing what a little creativity and talent can come up with.

  20. Lynda

    As someone earlier said, “Just enjoy the hard work and beautiful views”. Well done making something lovely out of potential rubbish. Best Wishes from Australia :-)

  21. Maria aparecida

    Sou brasileira e adorei seus trabalhos beijos

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