Photos Combined with Pencil Drawings

Photos Combined with Pencil Drawings

Ben Heine, a talented Belgian artist, has created a series of awesome images by combining photographs with pencil drawings. Enjoy!

Pencil Vs Camera

Art by Ben Heine

Photography by Ben Heine

Drawings by Ben Heine

Drawing Vs Photography

Ben Heine Art

Ben Heine Photography

Ben Heine Drawings

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  1. Mr.Rainbowfist

    Wow, I love these. I am making the cat one my wallpaper.

  2. zach

    These are composites. There is a color temperature, resolution, and lighting directing mismatch. It’s not nearly as cool as you think it is. The photos were taken, drawings referenced, reshot with hand element, then superimposed.

  3. ilif

    Yup, so agree with zach’s comment :\

  4. gunneos

    i knew it looked fake somehow! the hand with the cat looks like it went through the blur tool.

  5. lea

    yep zach is right they are still neat but totaly done with photoshop the drawings are still pretty sweet and they are all lined up well so he at least is pretty good at photo altering

  6. Den

    I agree, I’d say most likely his talent is at manipulating images…

    Too good to be true?…

    I’m a photographer and I also manipulate images and in my opinion that doesn’t look real at all, nice result, but there’s no way someone would make each and every line from a drawing fit into the real world, and THEN photograph it with stunning result matching every line and pixel…

  7. takpar

    great idea!! i will play with it

  8. ojanto

    wahhh.. really nice.. :D

  9. Julie

    Was thinking what Zach said. Although agreed these are really cool :)

  10. Ahmad

    Isn’t there high res desktop size versions of these photos? who love to use one as a background!

  11. Vie

    Oh, how cool!!!

  12. cooljaz124

    very nice !

  13. Oliver

    Even though it’s been faked, they’re still really cool. I love the clean line drawings

  14. Elliott

    I ain’t never seen a piece of paper that stays that flat and unwrinkled when held up to the wind. Especially after having been drawn on. I’m adding my voice to the chorus of “fake”s

  15. Charli

    Isn’t that what art is though? Art is just faking something else. Who cares if he didn’t sit down and sketch it outside? I’m sure he didn’t make the projects to trick you! He did it because he wanted to design a beautiful, interesting images.

    Congratulations on your detective skills though..

  16. P. Knows

    F y’all hatin’ on the man, lets see one of you do something like that, photoshop or not, he’s still the one featured on this site, and y’all just complainin’ about it’s not real…smh

  17. kegan

    the hand in the cat and the field are identical. attention to detail is crucial when creating illusions such as these, that is if you want them to be believable. and just because toxel features it doesnt mean it’s perfect and not allowed to be criticized.

    it’s really not that challenging if you have a basic understanding of photoshop.

    how’s this: a good idea, but could be executed with a higher level of realism.

  18. kegan

    scratch that. they arent identical, but my point still stands. They would look better with a few imperfections, and more interesting drawings.

  19. Cait

    Nope, you meant the hand on the GOAT and in the field are identical…. because they are!

  20. MochiPu

    Like This!

  21. aditia

    do the cat really have 4 eyes??

  22. M!

    agree with zach + other posts re: Photoshopped work.
    honestly, is this really talented? the concept is nothing original. the article says ‘talented’. it would be really talented if he did it with the drawing first, and then the photography.

  23. Karlitta

    The artist is Ben Heine!

    Really great!

  24. jack ace

    Yeah. I’m so with all the others. These aren’t real. Stupid of Ben to think he can fool people. Like you could take a photograph of a drawing. Ridiculous.

  25. For the love of Digital Art

    WOOOWW. GREAT GREAT IDEA of getting together in the same image drawing and photography to express a fusion between reality and imagination… When even the photography is finally a subjective reality of the photographer!
    Keep on the good work.

  26. timmay

    1 word, amazing

  27. matt

    its photoshopped, on the picture with the statues the lines don’t continue beneath the finger

  28. dave e.

    Just wonder if it’s possible that any of you critics could actually just enjoy what’s been presented instead of picking it apart like little whiners.

  29. For the love of Digital Art

    It is photoshoped, then What??? :)
    haha the idea is great, I love it, especially the one in Lisboa

  30. Anina

    Agree with zach & others and I don’t see the point of doing this on top of a picture… if it had been done on real settings it would have been something completely different.

  31. Jae Xavier

    This has actually been done in animation many times over. For instance, the hit 80’s video “Take on me” by Aha (see youtube).

    However, the artist’s delivery is spot on.

  32. eddie

    zach the cat was probably born that way.
    some genetic mutation is most likely

    the photos are great people and *of course* they’re photoshopped, it’s like not liking the wwe because you recently found out that it’s an act!

  33. Joze

    HI! nice work!… by the that photo with the “electric” (public transport” is in LISBON right???? if not.. where?
    bye! cumpliments!

  34. Susan

    I don’t care how this effect was accomplished, I think your work is really, really cool!


  35. DeniSmartBox

    I’d like to add that if you want to make emphasis on the technique (which seems to be the case since he didn’t create ONE image of this kind, but many…) then someone will comment on it…

    And it’s OK for the viewer to focus and express whether the technique is good or not…the artist himself put the emphasis there.

  36. Jethro

    Great drawing abilities!

  37. crystal driedger

    Of course they’re faked – who cares? They’re really fun!

  38. wooki

    It’s good~!!
    and make a smile ^ – ^

  39. Sudarshan Gurung

    Wow, awesome work! You inspired me to start one of my own :) Cheers!

  40. jose lee

    great thoughts…. i am amazed..

  41. JADE

    I think everyone that is moaning about how it is obviously fake OBVIOUSLY isnt admiring the image itself as a piece of art, so what if he just messed around with some photographs. This has obviously taken some time to work out what to do how to do it and when. Appreciate the work dont slate it!!!

  42. amme

    I think that Ben did a good job, I already knew that he took the picture,then drew the sketch, and then took the picture again, but still, it looks really kool, can any of you people do that. maybe. still, i am doing something like this for my comming art project because i was inspiered by it.

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