Photorealistic Drawing

Photorealistic Drawing

Amazing pencil drawing by Italian artist DiegoKoi looks like a photograph.

Realistic portrait drawing of a beautiful girl was completed in 200 hours.

Realistic Pencil Drawing

Diego Fazio

Photorealistic Drawing by DiegoKoi

Photorealistic Pencil Drawing by DiegoKoi

Realistic Drawing

Realistic Drawing by DiegoKoi

Realistic Pencil Drawing by DiegoKoi


Photorealistic Pencil Drawing

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  1. jacklyn

    Holy S**T!!!

  2. sgh


  3. Alston H.C. Wang

    just tooooooo amazing!!

  4. Henri

    Great, but what is the point of a photorealistic drawing, when you can take a photo instead? When drawing, the author should do something that can not be done with a camera. Don’t hate on me, it is still an amazing work.

  5. Max


    It’s simply a showcase of skills, but I agree with you completely. Except for the craft aspect I don’t see any other artistic value in this. The image itself is pretty meaningless, it’s a typical commercial stock image that you would find on the background of a health spa website. Anyway it’s clear that by looking at his website he’s still developing the conceptual part of his artist being.

  6. kadal

    i’ve seen so many talented realistic drawings artists, they never fail to amaze me….

  7. Gert

    Great skill.. but a pointless one I share. This is useful when you are combining several elements and want to make them look ‘real’ but as another poster pointed out… just copying what’s already in a photo with absolutely no changes whatsoever isn’t creative at all.

    I guess that’s the real difference between art and skill.

  8. gunneos

    It’s an expression. Of patience.

  9. Jorge Cajina


  10. Philip

    My question, is this a real person IN the drawing? or did he fabricate her? Because that would actually be cool to draw something that looks like a real person that isn’t based on a real person at all…

  11. Douglas

    Talent level is unreal but I agree with the others; 200 hours to recreate a photo taken in a split second. Seems like a waste.

  12. Chad


    Based on how he’s drawing it–starting from top left corner–he’s surely working off a photo. That’s not how you’d draw something from scratch from your imagination.

  13. Leia

    Stop saying its a waste of time…
    It’s a beautiful drawing that took lots of skill, determination and practice.
    Nothing is a waste of time if you like doing what you’re doing…

  14. aokiharu


    This is fantastic!

  15. Joe

    1. The point is to show his skill at photorealism and/or patience.

    2. Art is a lie.

    3. Everything in life is a waste of time.

    Quantifying art is a contradiction in terms. I like it. Is it art? Who cares. It’s impressive.

  16. Nisa Zul

    Speechless! This is awesome!!

  17. Calculon

    i watched this documentary movie titled, “Waiting for Hockney”. the movie follows this artist dude who spend 10 years to draw a photo of Marilyn Monroe. it is kind of a interesting story and worth watching to kill time or something. this made me think of that movie.

  18. NIcé

    I would say this skill is very useful when an artist wants to describe something, that does not exist in this world,really realistic.

  19. Casey

    Very impressive.

  20. Ashish

    ‘Speechless’, is the word.

  21. nanobelle

    Douglas Adams said that there was no art because there was no mirror large enough to reflect it completely. When Derren Brown does something photo realistically he still interprets when to drop out detail as the eye does naturally or when Chuck Close used his own Hassleblad photos to work from he knew what he wanted the viewer to see and made sure you saw it. What does this savant prove with his uncanny mimicry? It’s marvelous and dead, done in a manner like an inkjet printer.Art is usually allegorical- what is this man saying? Art can be emotional- what does he feel? Art shows mastery- how is this more than acute propeceptual dexterity?

  22. George

    This is not a waste of time. Who cares how long it took. He is practicing his art.

    It’s less of a waste of time then sitting on the internet calling it a waste of time.

    You guys are ridiculous. This is amazing.

  23. Jeanne

    There’s a difference between draftsmanship and artistry. I think he has a good grip on both.

  24. mahboubeh

    It is Extraordinary

  25. Jamie B

    So many people talking about how pointless this skill is or this type of art is… obviously you are the people who do not get it. If I have to explain it to you then you probably will never get it and it is not for you. DOnt get me wrong, i am not putting you down, i am putting down the fact that you are putting down this artwork and skillset. I can guarantee if you put a photograph next to this yes it does look the same but at the same time it looks different, there is a specific type of life behind photorealistic art, a capture of history in time… not to be put into words but to be felt. Move on if you feel this there is nothing special about the art or subject but do not post meaningless comments or opinions.

  26. smitha

    Absolutely Stunning..!!!
    When i saw this first i thought it is a photo taken by some professional photographer, but when i read this was a 3D pencil drawing my expression was like WOW, Amazing, Incredible. Superb!!!

  27. ilyna


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