Human Bones Used to Make Art

Human Bones Used to Make Art

Francois Robert has created a series of powerful artworks made out of real human bones to remind people about the consequences of violence.

Human skeleton is a strong visual symbol that represents what is left after life has ended, after the flesh and mind cease to function.

Human Bones Art

Stop the Violence by Francois Robert

Bone Art

Human Bones Sculptures


Bone Art by Francois Robert

Human Bones Sculpture

Stop the Violence

Human Bone Sculptures

Human Bone Sculpture

Bones Art

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  1. Sachawinter

    Hauntingly beautiful………..

  2. Loni

    hauntingly beautiful is right…

  3. delere

    thought provoking

  4. Dusque

    Unique. I have to credit the artist for using such a dramatic media. It certainly slaps you in the face with the message.

  5. Saracen

    Yes, very raw, and real

  6. lucas

    realy cool

  7. Betty

    …I wonder who that was? Yes, very powerful. The symbols are particularly provocative. Where’s the Christian cross?

  8. Art of Concept

    I agree with Betty….the Christian cross should be there…

  9. Patrick

    Powerful message!

    You can see more images (including the Christian cross) in Francois Robert’s portfolio

  10. Adrien

    I don’t know if that was the nazi cross but if it is he got wrong he just made an ancient cross used in some religion, like in China …

  11. Juku

    I like the swastika!

  12. poons

    Juku, the Natzi symbol IS taken from ancient eastern coltures, different meaning though..

  13. Diego

    totally amazing !

  14. anna

    they are all about war

  15. Raads

    hehe @ anna, i figured the minute i saw, i was like ” they all something in common” hehe, the last one is the best tho

  16. Lizzay

    oh wow, this is awesome. reminds us of the ugliness of war. unfortunately, it’s something that most people will never truly understand.

  17. P. P.

    It’s wisely shocking, I would say.
    Good to remind everyone what is left of the use of any of those elements.

  18. Cechas

    makes sense..

  19. Holly

    So where’s the cross?

  20. Frank Drakman

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m aware of the staggering number of lives extinguished in the name of Christianity – but as the crucifix is already a rather morbid symbol (this is the slab their messiah was supposedly hammered to after all) seeing it here would be very predictable.

    …never mind. I just viewed the entire gallery and must say that while some of these pieces are affecting and smart (I liked OIL and $ spelled in bones) others are unsurprising to say the least (9/11 and WAR are kind of no-brainers…and a skull and crossed-bones made of skeletons is just redundant).

    I’d like to see an American flag…or Ryan Seacrest.

  21. Frank Drakman

    PS. I think you oughta link the pic of that cross before this thing gets out of control.

  22. Jon

    I don’t understand why the star of David is there… Judaism has not caused violence like the Nazis and Islam.

  23. O.o

    Agreed, the cross doesn’t need to be on here. Even though it’s the largest religion in the world, think back to the Crusades, how many people were killed because of this conquest? Better yet, how many people have been killed because of the name of God? Unless you want to put the cross on there because it’s caused wars, then go for it. Otherwise, this is awesome and eye opening yet creepy at the same time.

  24. Froo Ninon

    You people do know that you can be in favor of peace without hating Christianity, right? I mean, I know it’s just really cool right now to hate Christians and religion in general, but once you put away you’re desire to fit into the internet subculture, you’ll find that the beliefs of practically all religion are only conductive to a spirit of helpful love and cooperation among mankind.

    Sure, religion can and has been abused to exert control and to sometimes “justify” a war, but that is the sole fault of the abusers. I know plenty of religious people – they are the nicest, most generous people in the world. Yet the few of you who condemn religion for any reason other than to follow the media – or in other words, those of you who have your opinions for a real reason – appear to fail to recognize the great good a religious belief in helping others and turning the other cheek has done the world.

    I’m surprised that with all your talk of peace and anti-war sentiment, so many of you harbor such hatred. Just try to escape the norms of society for a second and think about that.

    PS. At which point in that address did you assume that I was religious, and then begin to resent me for it? See what I mean? Guess what: I’m not. It doesn’t mean I cant respect – TRULY respect – the beliefs of others.

  25. Jon

    Froo, Christianity has been killing people since it was founded.

  26. Karin L.

    This is sick!!!

  27. Jackson S.

    There was a cross made. This page doesn’t seem to show all of the compositions.

  28. Margaret

    Most religions have beliefs in peace be it jewdaism, christianity, or muslims etc. The pieces involved with religion are powerful because they “talk” about how religion can be used as a justification for violence be it on a personal level or a larger political stucture. I don’t think its about hating on one religion or another, rather, its about exposing the use of “god” (whoever’s god) to excuse violence. In that case the Christian cross should be represented as much as the star of david is.

    I think everyone’s belief’s should be respected.

    I also feel that if you have a religious belief – you should be able to look at the history of your religion with a critical eye and learn from the mistakes of said religion.

    Thats my two cents. I’m sure I’ve left ideas out and am open to discussion.

    best to all,

  29. susan

    This is not exactly deep and profound.

    Not to mention, it’s extremely prejudiced- Muslims are no more responsible for human deaths than Christians have been in the course of history.

    The idea that death can be so easily explained by weapons and weapons alone is equally simplistic, and not a particularly useful revaluation.


    Cross added by popular demand.

    These artworks were created to “Stop the Violence”, not to blame one particular group of people. Some of you are completely missing the point…

  31. Emma

    @Betty and @Art of concept and etc: I don’t know if it was there before but the Christian crucifix is there now, right after the Star of David…

  32. tayfun

    49. And they say: When we are bones and fragments, shall we, forsooth, be raised up as a new creation?
    50. Say: Be ye stones or iron
    51. Or some created thing that is yet greater in your thoughts! Then they will say: Who shall bring us back (to life).
    Say: He who created you at the first. Then will they shake their heads at thee, and say: When will it be? Say: It will perhaps be soon;

  33. david.k

    pretty tight looking. where can people buy his art?

  34. preschool-toys

    We work really hard to hide our dead from ourselves because something as profane as a dead body is a powerful reminder of our animal-ness.
    Presumably these are from bodies willed to the artist or donated be the family. I’d like to see what the artist can come up with if the broken and maimed bodies of the victims of war were willed or donated.

  35. blah

    is this an ad campaign? OF COURSE you would use human bones to remind people the consequences of violence. sooooo deep.

  36. the_global_nomad

    good, but would have had a better if he had used real bones instead of a plastic model.

  37. the_global_nomad

    OOPS, I forgot the word “impact” after ..better.

  38. coblenski

    I think they’re real. Just very clean.

  39. Katy

    It is a great message but where is this artist getting his bones from? Anyone bother to ask?

  40. Lady gagaliscous

    Mmmm. Suddenly in the mood for BBQ

  41. Art of Concept

    You added it! I love this blog! :D

    It just made sense it being there.

    It’s not about hating people or their beliefs/religion…But even the $ symbol was there…and of course it doesn’t mean we don’t like money, but why overlook/forget the unnumbered deaths caused in the name of it. Glad to see the artist didn’t.

  42. Concerned

    I find his hauntingly pretentious…

  43. Concerned

    I’m sorry, but eye-opening is the last word I would use to describe this. They are all just traditional, provacative images. It’s safe art. Why don’t you add an upside down triangle or an American flag while you are at it? I could already tell what comments were going to be made by the end of looking at these pieces. The artist knew what he was going to get out of people, so he tailored it to get that very reaction. Not once did I think in a new way about anything. I’m bored of this.

  44. Raven

    It is often claimed that the majority of religions teach a message and a doctrine of peace, and then lay out a method to be used as a means of achieving it. We have seen what the result is, as to the result of such doctrines in application. If you will, consider it in this respect- that just as a hypothesis is constructed and suggested as a means of achieving a certain goal, the validity of this hypothesis is determined in the effectiveness and result of its application or testing.
    It is also often claimed that, “Communism sounds good in theory”. If the application of the theory does not achieve the goal for which it was devised as a means, the n the theory itself is poor. Religion suggests a theory or a doctrine as a means of achieving it’s ultimate goal, if it does not serve to achieve the relevant goal, the theory is bad. One may claim all they want that” those people arent practicing the true teachings, thus becoming an admission of subjectivism. A theoretical physicist may also claim, when his hypothesis fails the testing phase, that the testers failed to adhere to his original hypothesis, or deviated from it. The reality being, that the theory its self was inaccurate or incomplete.

  45. true rows

    satanic provocation

  46. Julie

    I agree entirely with Concerned.

  47. R.Stewart

    Whatever is said about religion or patriotism, this is still a very effective way of showing the violence (and its results) that have occurred throughout history under the banner of these symbols. More importanltly in the current world where guns, knives, and heavy weapons are considered “cool” the images of what they really boil down to – artifacts of death – is particularly useful. Images to make you think more carefully…

  48. Param

    I hope they didn’t use the remains of a Jewish persons bones to create the swastika…that would be the rudest form of irony.


    you may have my bones when I’m done with them. but not for war pictures, no even for anti-war pictures.
    keep creating. life needs you.

  50. Critical Eye

    @ Concerned… couldn’t have said it better myself. The artist seems to be pandering with shock value. states that many are missing the point, and that these images are suppose to promote peace. Well, if so many people are missing the point, then the artist isn’t doing avery good job of communicating it.

  51. After Forever

    The sad truth about art: It’s always going to be controversial.

  52. Cathy Hadd

    The art is unique, beautiful, cool and very inspiring. I can’t wait to view the next image. I personally find Francois’s work fascinating and amazing. I find myself staring at each piece for some time. There is internal art within each piece. I know the subject matter is a symbol of negativity and violence, but if you look beyond the symbols, there is beauty.

    I met Francois in Dallas about a month ago and he is a man with an amazing heart and spirit. He is full of love for Jane. Life is good. The Art is fantastic.

  53. Paul

    This is really, really dumb.

  54. Artwsteland

    very interesting work and just as fascinating comment chain showing the diverse spectrum of human emotions when given some pretty heavy symbolic sensory stimuli

  55. mike

    Christianity itself does not kill people, for the bible teaches a way of love and peace and Jesus himself taught pacifistic views. The people setting the image for MODERN ‘christianity’ should be there, like george w. bush, trying to justify a war in the name of God, which we all know he was just out to get some oil, and countless others. Don’t even get me started on joel olsteen, creflo dollar, and the ‘clone’ prosperity gospel preachers on TV, and then the preachers preaching hell and giving brimstone sermons isn’t right either.

    All that said, enjoy freedom of speech, but please have courtesy of other people’s beliefs and know the core beliefs of the religion, not just the image it gets in culture.

    Great art though and I definitely enjoyed this post, very creative with a powerful image. :)

  56. Joe

    @Jon……no shit? “Judaism has not caused violence like the Nazis and Islam.”

    did you hear about palestine? lebanon???

  57. kniteli

    haha, i was actually saying the word “war” to myself at every picture until the last one, freaking genius…/sarcasm

  58. mita

    wow, a very effective and clever way indeed, to show the consequences of violence. the whole arrangement with human bones is pretty creepy but quite artistic and creative too. keep up the awesome work!!

  59. esgee

    where are the bones from? anyone bother to ask? yeah…
    also, from an artistic standpoint, this is absolutely passe.

  60. covey

    WOW, there is so much ignorance in these comments!

    Christianity is the biggest religion in the world??? Where did you read that fairy tale? Buddhists FAR outnumber Christians.

    The swastika is wrong? It is a ancient symbol used in some religion, like China?? HAHA, the ‘swastika’ was used as a symbol in many cultures and religions throughout time. The German swastika shown IS CORRECT! The German swastika rotates clockwise, while the popular Buddhist “good luck and long life” symbol is similar but rotates counterclockwise! This symbol was also used by a few ancient Greek colonies, and by the Aztecs in Mexico.

    Judaism hasn’t caused violence? WOW, bone up on your general world history mate! Jews have caused many many wars over time, and STILL are to this day in Palestine!!

    I understand this is the internet where everyone and anyone can stand on their soapbox behind a computer screen. But at the same time, this is the internet, where you can actually research the validity of your answers in a few short clicks before posting a completely false and ignorant viewpoint!

  61. shen lotus

    i see this as very disrespectful to the dead if they are actual human bones, less the person had donated there body to it…it disturbs me even more that so many of the images are of guns and weapons and things of violence…there is no honor in turning some ones remains to pictures of violence…become more…violence is a WEAKNESS…find a strength in respect and honor for your dead not… blatant disrespects like that.

  62. Riley

    Corey, there are 2.1 billion Christians and 1.5 billion Buddhists.

    And to Mike, the religion itself preaches forgiveness, loving thy neighbor and being just and moral in all aspects of life. However, war, persecution and even a warped sense of prestige in being Christian have caused violence and death for thousands of years. The Bible and it’s teachings do not launch wars, but those who interpret it do.

    Froo Ninon, it’s not cool to hate Christianity. Christianity has been losing followers due to scientific exploration and the freedom to choose one’s religion without persecution. You must acknowledge that people died with crosses around their necks in the same way people die for any other religion or cause.

    For all of you who are saying this work is unoriginal, boorish or uncreative I’ll just ask you this: why didn’t you think of it then?

    Honestly, the artist should have left the human skeleton as is, for, as Tim Friend eloquently sums up, “of all species, people are unsurpassed in their proclivity for violence”

  63. claire

    I don’t think anyone really gets the idea of what the artist is trying to provoke here. I mean really think about this, it should have never turned into a religious debate it wasn’t meant to be offensive to any people. That is the whole point in fact. That violence and hatred are killing the people of the world for no reason. It isn’t to bash on religions for being hypocritical and killing and spreading violence when in fact they preach against it so hard. It is to be taken at face value war, violence, or money can corrupt people and kills people. Everyone needs to start understanding that people are people no matter what color, religion, ethnicity, background, lifestyle, sex, gender we are all the same deep down in the end we are all bones.

  64. Itamar

    Froo, your comment was brilliant. However, I think sticking to society’s norms is related to religion a lot more than to atheism.
    People who’s opinions are based on or affected by society’s opinion or by fads are everywhere, but it’s more common to find a none-religious independent thinker than a religious one.

  65. AnitaG

    I was thinking of a serious answer until I read God had written in here, LIMAO

    Anyway, I think some of you are taking it too personal and you are mistaking faith in god with the institution of religion.

    I prefer to believe in humans who are capable of doing so much harm but on the other hand capable of creating such beautiful things and doing so many good things.

    If this artist wanted to make people question about war or wheterever point he was trying to make, then he succeeded.

  66. Cory

    wow. wow wow wow. i love these so much, especially the cleanness of it and the smooth, straight edges. My favorites would be the grenade, the sicle and hammer, and the ‘war’

  67. AHH

    I agree with Concerned. The images are so blatantly symbolic that the work’s meaning is shouted out at you at maximum volume. Don’t get me wrong, the works themselves are very beautiful, but provocative? Only if you’ve never seen human bones before. I see that the inner meaning is that humans cause this violence, that what we’re really composed of is all of these blatant symbols, but really: it’s not jaw-dropping symbolism. These symbols and the idea are simply so overused that it becomes nearly like any other anti-war message, save for the bones. These images are tired.
    Also, I think this whole “violence in our culture” thing is simply way too focused upon. People will never stop being violent, I’m afraid. There wasn’t a time when we weren’t, and there won’t be a time when we aren’t. We are still animals, so let’s stop frowning on violence like we do. It may help to get the violence out when it hits us, rather than bottling it up in time to eventually reach for these so-called “implements of death.” Let’s just be glad that we aren’t as bloodthirsty as we once were, say, in the time when public execution was a form of entertainment. Being drawn and quartered, being blown up; neither is very nice, and both are violent, though centuries apart. It’s not like violence is some new phenomenon, so let’s stop treating it like one.
    Altogether, though, the bones were arranged beautifully.

  68. Grad

    I’ve always wanted a real human skull for my fireplace mantle. I’m not going to kill anyone for it, but you can find them on ebay being sold from medical schools that don’t need them anymore.

  69. Interesting...

    To the person who wondered why the Star of David is up there, my personal interpretation was that it represents the violence commited upon Jews, not by them. However, I agree with the person who said that Jews are not entirely innocent, either. What group of people is?

    Where did he get his materials? My guess would be that someone donated his or her body to art, just as there have been previous art displays made out of human body parts that a person donated prior to his or her demise.

    Honestly, whether you like this or not, I think it has achieved its purpose… to raise awareness about violence. Look at all these debates about which religion or group has inflicted what form of violence upon others. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter who (the art shows no bias toward groups, as a variety of religious and extrimist groups are represented) does the killing; it only matters that the killing has happened.

  70. Alira

    Mike: Our top three oil producers are Canada, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. If Bush went to war for oil, why not invade our top producers?

    This artist should have simply used the human form. People kill people. Guns don’t kill people, religions don’t, war doesn’t. It is people who do it. From all walks of life, all religions, all backgrounds, with technology, without technology.

  71. Christine

    Absolutely amazing.

  72. li907

    wow. that is…

  73. Griac

    Um, can anybody say “necrophillia”?

  74. Young Bat

    Very clever – BUT WHOSE WERE THEY???

  75. cara

    Look, I’m artistic cause I can make random stuff look like similarly related random stuff.

    You should should make a grim reaper made from scythes made from actual human flesh!!! cause nobody had done that one yet!

  76. JAJA

    i find this HUMERUS! get it!? =D

  77. Kal

    The idea of adding the religios symbols is great but Islam’s symbol is only crescent moon (as you see on the top of the mosques. When you add the star it becomes Turkish flag.

  78. Millenion

    i want someone to make art out of my bones when i die.

  79. RamzetheFirst

    I think this is kind of funny. The artist seems to be blaming weapons or religion or money for our problems. Sort of like if we didn’t have those things we would be at peace. When we really just have to look in the mirror to see who to blame. Honestly you can yell about war and money and religion until you’re blue in the face but in the end we as humans are responsible for our own deeds and as such it is our own fault.

  80. Eru

    Haunted beauty is what I would like to call it. Moon with a star and WAR are my favs here. Great Work!

  81. sahar

    I know for sure that I wouldn’t like it if someone did that to me after my death.

  82. Umm...

    That isn’t a swastika; the swastika is tilted. The symbol shown here is an ancient Buddhist symbol.

  83. Rome

    stupidest thing i’ve seen in awhile. anybody with a bag of bones could have created these. this is not art.

  84. fredrik

    the nazi symbol is wrong. it should be standing up lika a “S” like “s” for socialism “hakken kraunke” something……in german. look it up. i spelled wrong.

    The swastika is not a “Nazi” symbol. its to be found in india. afrika. egypt.western cult etc and so on.

    Havee a goooooood life

  85. JERRY

    cross is 7th up from bottom , or is it something else ?

  86. Morgan

    @”Umm…” & fredrik

    On very many Nazi flags, banners, etc., the swastika was on its side as it is in this depiction. The Eastern/Buddhist version generally faces the other way (counter-clockwise). It’s often referred to as the “wheel of life”.

    Overall, though, I agree with “Concerned” – this is the *easiest* concept one could possibly come up with for the use of human bones in art. It’s very high-school.

    I’m curious as to which bone it is that’s used for the trigger of the gun; it’s oddly curved. Any anatomy experts out there?

  87. Heike

    I practice creating some drawings and other art objects – dare to say only looking for art to inspire the brighter side of life – and not death. If I did run into some bones, I probably would just give them back to a high school or college, or just put them away in a place of some kind of respect. I know that the conceptual artists are out there – I just don’t choose to use objects from real life as a work of art no matter how interesting the design might seem to be. It did not move me. It did really make me wonder. How far will we go to “create something” for shock appeal?

  88. sean

    I like the idea. Yet, i wonder how the artist received these bones and if the persons the they belonged to were consenting to the project before death. It raises some ethical questions.

  89. Tye

    “Jews have not caused violence like the Nazis or Islam” ???!!!???!!! Are you freakin’ kidding me ?!! LOOL! Have you heard of Sabra & Shatila? Have you heard of the Massacre of Deir el Balah or the Massacre of Jenin or EVERY other Palestinian village across the country…..Read a bit my friend and not CNN websites either.

  90. ssdemr

    Why is the Turkish flag?? meaningless…

  91. Keaton

    Wow… that is so weird, but so artistic

  92. human

    Tye, you are right.They have proved this again by simply killing the Humanitarian Activists.research guys.this is what happening everyday in least read Rachel Corrie’s emails.

  93. Kyle


    …I wonder who that was? Yes, very powerful. The symbols are particularly provocative. Where’s the Christian cross?

    REsponse: Is that not the “christians cross” underneath the ‘star of david’?

  94. Sheldon

    You can tell that the bones are fake because of the way the feet and hand bones are. If they were real, the different bones in the feet and hands would be disconnected and fragmented because there isn’t any fat, tendons/ligaments, or muscle tissue connecting them all together. If they are real, please feel free to correct me.
    As far as concept, YAWN. Although I like the idea behind it, I wish it was executed (no pun intended) more creatively, for lack of a better word (not talking shit on the creative process). It gives a shock value to the average person because “ZOMGSSSS! They’re BONES! From PEOPLE!”, but the content is tired.

    However, I do like the fact that they incorporated (real or faux) bones as a sculptural medium instead of just doing a painting showing explosions and death and whatnot. It may just be me, but I like the way they look. It’s slightly refreshing because of that, grim, and twisted. I like it for those reasons.

    As far as Jews not instilling terror upon people, do you have any idea what is happening in the Middle East right now and why? Have you read through the Old Testament (even the New Testament and Qur’an)? Rape, genocide, war, servitude, sexual slavery, misogyny, and human rights violations aren’t exactly what I call peachy. Wars have been waged and genocides committed since the BC (not exclusively) by Jews, Christians, and Muslims, who supposedly share the same God, because their way is the ONLY way to be righteous, one group’s Holy Land is another’s, and because lines have been formed in the sands of nomadic people by “the civilized” (hooray imperialism!), among other things. Even if they weren’t warring, other people have decided to act violently towards them because of their beliefs. You’re fooling yourself if you think Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and religion in general hasn’t caused violence and bigotry throughout the world. These are religions that have people practicing principles that have been in existence since before the Dark Ages.

  95. Kyle

    Also, everyone going “Geez, I wonder where he got the bones from,” try clicking the “more info” link at the top of the article. He got them when he bought some lockers at a school auction; they must have been some science class prop.

  96. Angelawatson

    Really very beautifull Art…

  97. Tiles

    I’d like my bones to be used to create art, if nothing more useful can be done with them.

  98. Sam

    Beautiful how about sketchy

  99. ElizabethMD

    hauntingly beautiful. Sad at the same time though!

  100. captbullett

    Why o why can’t you see the Art for just what the Art is Art and enjoy the work that the artist did.

  101. papaeythan


  102. anatomyguy

    Morgan – the trigger of the handgun is a clavicle/collarbone.

    Otherwise, I agree with Sheldon about how the hand & foot bones would dissociate without soft tissue holding them together. That said, a lot of anatomy models have wire bindings that can be hidden pretty easily, whether they’re real bones or cast reproductions.

  103. Weez

    Actually, the swastika is not a Tibetan good luck charm.
    The good luck charm is made of interlocking L’s, used for good fortune, luck and well being. The nazi swastika is a mirror image, perhaps that’s not a coincidence.

  104. Weez

    and yes, that’s a swastika

  105. 999

    Not really thought provoking or all that interesting. Real art with bones is a church in eastern Europe. Don’t know the name, but it was built/decorated with bones from plauge victims. That is far more interesting and thought provoking.

  106. kaleem akhter

    hmmmmm! very different art of bones……

  107. come on

    totally uninteresting and cliche. and by making so many different icons out of the bone arrangements, are you suggesting relationships? if so, then its pretty controversial to equate a swastika with religious iconograpy. if you’re really trying to make such a bold statement though, then MAKE IT! maybe juxtapose a cross and a swastika? that would be way clearer in terms of conveying a message, whereas the above seems to be halfway political and neither compelling nor original.

    so often artists forget to step back and ask themselves: what’s the point?

  108. Rowan Watson

    this is one of the most true and beautiful things i’ve ever seen. bravo. i would LOVE to have prints of some of these. or all of them! i could never afford the originals, i’m sure.

  109. Elana Avey

    He should make one of the internet or a computer cause im certain the internet has way more haters ripping people to shreds with their written words than wars do. No one knows how to say nice things anymore these days.

  110. Chris

    Can we get a font of those letters? They were really nicely put together

  111. so

    if you add star near crescent moon, it becomes Turkish flag.and it’s not the symbol of Islam.That part is ridiculous.

  112. ana

    I personally think that the most beautiful piece of art made with bones is definitely the human body

  113. Thomas

    Like the symbolism. well done

    now just a word about the “religion” issue.

    too many people equate the RELIGION (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.) with the people who practice it. MOST religions (including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.) preach, encourage and support peace, tolerance and mercy. It’s the radical elements (people who distort their religion to satisfy their personal agenda)that do violence in the name of their “RELIGION”. God, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Whomever do not want their creation killing, destroying, maiming, torturing, hurting each other. it has been the PEOPLE who “claim” their “GOD” has called them to do this. it is usually not about religion at all, but POWER. Power in the form of land, money, political influence and rule, power to tell others they are wrong. the original intent of most religions is personal. it is about ONE person and their own relationship with their “GOD”, not about how we can beat up others in the name of our “GOD”.

    ok, rant is over, love the bone art and the controversy it causes. makes people think ….

  114. Rube

    Wait, the title reads ‘Human bones used to make art’? So why don’t they make art anymore? Nobody has mentioned that thus far in the comments. It’s stupid that they stopped – or that someone stopped them, I don’t know the full story – because from these pictures I can tell that Human bones really know what they’re doing.

  115. Rube


  116. Angelina Durham

    trite shock art never helped anyone, these images are disrespectful to the human remains or representations of such that form these boring mainstreamed symbols. totally transparent, uncreative, and worst of all incoherent. You throw symbols at the viewer with no apparent continuity.

  117. BC

    I would like to make a point for those who are talking about religions. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I truly believe in who he says he is and what he did. What Jesus told his people to believe in is not a religion it is a relationship. One thing that all religions have in common is that you have to work you way to heaven, paradise or eternal peace. But what I believe in is that no matter how many good deeds you do your works will never save you. I have a relationship with the God of all things and its not a religion.
    ~ the art is very good and creative.

  118. corey

    this is juust weird i mean how would you feal if people did that with your bones.

  119. Ronnie Reed

    uhhh, why are so many people asking where the cross is, and why it is not included? Or is the thing underneath the star of david not a real one?

  120. David

    Great art but where is this artist getting his bones from? Kinda scary

  121. tomatosmith

    wonderful works. loved that you put in the star of david. The State of Israel is evil death. im just wondering why the united states isnt in this.

  122. dude

    wtf man, do you even know where the crest and star really comes from? you should search some world flags, at least then you would know about which nation you are making a racist statement about..

  123. mtv

    Other interesting concepts could include a series featuring current tyrants faces from around the world.

  124. PhotoDude

    I thought this was showcasing art. I guess when you make art from bones and describe them as coming from violence that’s what we get to see, posters that obviously have entirely too much time on their hands to stuff these little boxes with political and religious ideals hinting on hate. But as long as you hate on the representation and not the person that’s okay. Way to go. Come on Man!

    Nonetheless the art is a very creative way to depict feelings, emotions and showcase talent. I just want to know where the bones came from? Even if most of the the posters spilled their feelings all over the post, it doesn’t take away from the great work done here. Wonderful job! Keep creating and letting us see your work.

  125. Lexx

    I’m not very impressed by this. I understand the artist’s concept and I respect it, but I feel like it wasn’t executed in a decent way. Art is meant to cause controversy, yes. So, I commend the artist on that… but, the media is annoying to me. The bones are intriguing, but I feel like it’s almost too literal and almost commercial in the way that they’re laid out as representations of symbols and objects and then even the word “WAR”. I’m actually suprised that so many people can confuse the artist’s intentions when it’s so blatantly and literally spelled out in front of them like this. The bones being real or not doesn’t add or take away meaning for me as there isn’t much meaning behind what is obvious to begin with. It’s almost too simple which is why I called it commercial before. It doesn’t make you think all that much about what it really means… it makes you think about something which it doesn’t relate to at all.

    Those are just my thoughts.

  126. Lisa

    great idea!!!!

  127. ben

    i am strongly against war, despite normaaly supporting the use of art to show how awful war is i dont think real bones should be used in art ever, those are the last remaining physical piece of those human beings and i dont think they should be touched or fiddled with to spell words, somewhere along the line he gave up on the message and just thought the fact it was real bones would sell the idea out, communist sign? the nazi symbol, it may well just be to represent some large conflict that occured but i think its passed that line and is just trying to make an impression

  128. Laitie

    I just have one question: where did he get these bones? I know I wouldn’t be willing to give this guy my bones for art after I died o_o.

  129. Emily

    DUDE! that’s freaking awesome! in a gruesome morbid sort of way =P

  130. Paul

    This is a very powerful message, and it is beautiful in a way that is disgusting at the same time.

  131. KJ

    All I have to say is I agree entirely with Froo and Itamar. Thats all.

  132. Misc

    These are not real human bones, and are clearly part of a teaching skeleton. Is this part of your message or did you intend to pass them off?

  133. Lia

    I think it is disrespect. Human bones are not to be used like that. Would you do this with your mother’s bones?

  134. jenn

    this is soo creepy but soo awsome at te same time..

  135. tim

    HAHAHAHAHA! LOL, best humor I have had all day!

  136. Behnam

    I think this is art!

  137. Toni

    You all are weird, not everyone has to believe in what YOU believe in. Accept it. There are how many different religions and beliefs out there, meaning everyone think and believes differently. Who are you to judge? Live your life the way you want and let others live theirs. Peace.

  138. Anon

    Y’all do realize the cross is under the star of David or are you all just missing it

  139. Dave

    This is very moving, I’d be honored if my remains were used so effectively.

  140. Alper

    christian cross not there because i think a Turk created these images because there is a Turkish flag inside them

  141. Tivatish

    It is absolutly beautiful and yes tragic but why did he have to disterb the dead for his art? Did they wish to become a neatly placed pile of bones? On display for everyone to see? I doubt it. This gives me great sorrow for those who were disturbed.

  142. Alan

    Wow. He took bones and made weapons of war and hatred. How deep and thought-provoking. Maybe for his next piece of work, he will take a photo of a baby-doll lying next to a landmine, or a teddy bear all scorched on a war-torn plain…
    I would have been more impressed if he would have used the ‘bones’ to create flowers, or portraits of children or something that celebrates LIFE, rather than the easy “War and Hatred” rhetoric. War is bad? REALLY? Religious zealousness causes hatred? WOW! NOBODY had ever said that before!!! Bravo!

  143. Jacob

    I’d love to see the american flag, seeing how america is sending our men their to die

  144. Jacob

    Replying to alan… You think it’s easy to show death and evil?? Why don’t you come up with a way to show it?? If it is so easy then you should do a good job. This guy is good at this, why be rude. Why talk badly about him. This is a great way to show how bad war a d violence is. Best way Iv seen in years.

  145. And

    They should have not been cleaned for more impact. Being so white and clean, they look like toys for children.

  146. Joan Harris

    Enchanting work. Words cannot say what these works tell. I am also an artist and have never seen such thoughtful work.

  147. rhenna

    soooo coooooolll.. >.<

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