Tire Street Art

Tire Street Art

Unique art installations on the streets of Barcelona made out of recycled tires.

Old and used car tires were cut in half and hung in urban environments.

Pneumatic – cool art project by OOSS, Iago Buceta, and Mateu Targa.

Recycled Tire Street Art


Used Tire Street Art

Recycled Tire

Tyre Art

Recycled Tires

Recycled Tyre Art

Used Tyre Art

Tires Street Art

Recycled Tires Street Art

Used Tires Street Art

Barcelona Street Art

Tyres Art

Recycled Tyres Art

Used Tyres Art

Tire Art Installation

Recycled Tyre

Recycled Tyres

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  1. Shilov

    Certainly nice work, reusing tyres that would be scrapped. But at times this could be intrusive- especially the ones on/near staircases and walkways. Would like to see how this will look if the tyres were coloured. Definitely worth doing as commercial art.

  2. Adeel gg

    This is nice !! Loove the one near the stairs. Could be cool if you used a huge tire that turned into an elevated gateway, wwith little rising tires as steps towards the gate

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