Brilliant Colour-In Dress

Brilliant Colour-In Dress

Colour-In dress by Berber Soepboer and Michiel Schuurman allows you to create your own designs by adding different colours using textile markers.

The cloth is partly designed by the person who wears it, which hopefully makes the dress more valuable to the wearer.

Colour-In Dress

Color-In Dress

The Colour-In Dress

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  1. Mr.Great

    You take at least couple of HOURS filling it all in, then wear it for 1-2 days, then wash it and fill it all in over again.
    It does no seem like a good idea to me.

    – Mr.Great

  2. Mika

    I believe that the use of “textile markers” means that’s its not intended to be washed off once its colored in.

    Be that as it may, and even though this is an interesting idea, I don’t really see it going far.

  3. Stephanie Horn

    I was thinking about something like this a few days ago… but I wanted the black to be velvet so it would be reminiscent of those fuzzy Lisa Frank posters you’d color in, from the 90s.

  4. jingpi


  5. Mr.Great


    1 permanent textile marker + 1 mistake = 1 ruined dress

  6. gunneos

    so explain why this wouldn’t work on any other dress. i prefer it monochrome anyway.

  7. Blaine

    I think this is great! It’s not for everyone but there is a market for this I’m sure.

  8. carlos

    You don’t have to color in all the white space. You could easily choose to fill in small sections as accents and leave the bulk of the dress as-is.

  9. Person

    Hey Mr. Great, try being creative. Why are you so determined to put down this dress?

  10. Karen

    i think this would be a pretty awesome dress if you were very creative :D if they came in smaller sizes, perfect gift for a little girl!

  11. mr.t

    you should make t-shirts from this idea, that should be more easy to sell

  12. John

    No. No. No.

    Enough with the do it yourself products. Asking your buyers to complete your product for you shows no creativity whatsoever. It shows the lack of it if anything imho.

  13. Mask

    its a great idea. made me think of that wallpaper that you can colour in. if the colour DOES wash off, what happens if it rains and they have no umbrella to speak of? the hilarity. THE SHAME. lolz. good concept.

  14. unDave

    That’s about any white dress…. good idea, to paint them, but, ahm… i bet there are a few white dresses that could be painted like that at home…

    -by unDaveā„¢

  15. Lili

    Mr. Great – as an artist i can tell you there is one thing you are always told in school – There are no mistakes, only opportunities. With something like this any mistake can be made to look like it’s on purpose.

    As for the idea. Awesome! I would totally wear the dress and be proud of the creativity in it. Did any one else see that you get to help design it so that it’s unique to you?

  16. Karin L. Stewart

    There is always a maarket for EVERYTHING! This could be fun if it was up your alley.

  17. Mark

    I could see this at your local Urban Outfitters

  18. Chedie

    For creative people who would like to doodle, draw and color once in a while, this could be a good product for creative output ^^

  19. guy

    Funny, my daughter got a coat this week that is black and white images (graffiti-esque) of playful items and I thought it would be fun for her to color in the white areas.

  20. AO

    Love it!
    I love products that give the consumer the opportunity to customize and interact with it!
    Beautifully designed in black and white or whatever color the consumer wanted.

    A lot of people buy white shoes just for the opportunity to customize them. This is a great collaboration piece between the designer and the consumer.

  21. Fresh

    that is sooo amazing! someone could make a mint off that idea if they market it to art school students

  22. Kara


    1 permanent textile marker + 1 mistake = the most creative dress I have ever tried.

  23. Pete Sullivan

    Couldn’t this just applied to any black and white outfit?

  24. hargh

    I think it’s a good idea when it comes to celebrations like birthday parties, new year, christmas, or just normal wicked night out! I think would be a great idea for those consumers who likes to be creative – then they can change thair outfit till a new party and start over when there’s new party draw themes on the outfit!

    hargh aka Krudtugle

  25. James Anzalone


    @Mr.Great being an artist, I understand criticism, but you are a little over the top with most things posted..

    the circular motif is repetitious enough to hide a few mistakes here and there.. besides not everything is designed for the masses.

    The success of a design really depends on what its goal is, and in this case the goal probably isn’t to stock the shelves of H&M’s across the globe.

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