Go Plate

Go Plate

Innovative plate allows people to hold food and beverage with one hand.

Go Plate is compatible with standard beer cans, glass bottles, plastic cups, and wine glasses.

Perfect for outdoor events, street fairs, conferences, picnics, concerts, weddings, and backyard parties. [order]


Food and Beverage Plate

The GoPlate

The Go Plate

Go Plates

Go Plate Food and Beverage Holder

Food and Beverage Holder

GoPlate Food and Beverage Holder

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  1. Joe

    I can just picture someone going to take a drink of their beer and dumping out all their food.

  2. Douglas

    It’s about time! A bargain at any price!

  3. Jose

    Amazing and innovative

  4. Shu-Hsuan

    how do you suppose to drink it?

  5. Sam

    hahahaha “Joe” someone needs to be so stupid to think that the plate stays above the drinks all the time, that plate works to you move more easier thats all

  6. Sam

    “Shu-Hsuan”!!! really???? hahaha

  7. wiex

    @ Joe
    Simply put a straw into… and no worries… (:

  8. Shu-Hsuan

    …………… oh

  9. Gert

    That is an awful lot of snacks… People wonder why Americans are fat.

  10. bananaman

    @Gert: The food is just for modeling, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always gonna eat that much. And what does this even have to do with Americans being fat? @Joe: someone with common sense would just take the plate off before drinking. Like Sam said, it’s just for moving your stuff around easily. That’s why its called the “Go Plate”.

  11. Joe

    I was merely making a humorous prediction of the stupidity of some people. Seems I was correct (*cough* Shu-Hsuan *cough*).

    I know how it is supposed to work.

  12. Gale

    I think the problem comes in when you try to take a drink. I wouldn’t want to spill everything! Guess the best option would be to take the tray off only when you drink. Otherwise it’s good for leaving one hand free.

  13. Liz

    But if someone were to take the tray off to drink then doesn’t that defeat the purpose of needing only one hand to hold this? o.O what if I’m holding stuff with my other hand?

  14. shayl

    kinda stupid

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