Backyard Office Shed

Backyard Office Shed

Shoffice (shed + office) for your backyard designed by Platform 5 architects.

Beautiful wooden shed with modern interior can be used as home office, extra guest bedroom, storage space, art studio, or a fun playhouse.

Backyard Shed Office

Shed Office

Office Shed

Platform 5 Shoffice

Platform 5 Backyard Office

Backyard Office Platform 5 Architects

Shoffice Platform 5 Architects

Platform 5 Architects


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  1. Gert

    Why does your shed need to take up half your yard? Design!

    Yah nope, I can think of better uses for half my yard and a cleaned out closet works great for a home office actually.

  2. jimbo

    Pretty; but, I don’t get it. Design wise it’s beautiful, functionally, it’s cut, practically its over the top monetarily. Maybe better in the tropics.

  3. Habub

    Uhm… I don’t really see how someone will wanna live there….

  4. steve

    It is nice and Clean like the design however can you say Sauna.

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