Modern Fossils

Modern Fossils by Christopher Locke

Christopher Locke uses a proprietary blend of concrete to create remarkable art pieces that have the look and feel of real stone fossils.

Nintendo Game Boy

Nintendo Game Boy Fossil

Cassette Tape

Cassette Tape Fossil

Nintendo 64 Controller

Nintendo 64 Controller Fossil

Rotary Dial Telephone

Rotary Dial Telephone Fossil

NES Zapper

NES Zappe Fossil


Boombox Fossil

Super Nintendo Controller

Super Nintendo Controller Fossil


Walkman Fossil

Playstation Controller

Playstation Controller Fossil

Apple iPod

Apple iPod Fossil

NES Controller

NES Controller Fossil

For more concrete art, check out: BMW Car made from Stone


    awesome idea

  2. Paul Sample

    NES Zapper!! let´s kill some ducks!

  3. cepu

    i love this blog, many inspiring article here
    really thanks from me

  4. sangita

    Amazing ideas

  5. cchana

    that’s awesome, the controllers all came out so well.

  6. Jon

    Man I want these for my house, they’d make great bachelor pad art..anyone know where I can get them?

  7. Beezy

    pretty neat

  8. Richi

    Why is the iPod even there? o.o

    Still awesome. :)

  9. Chris

    Thanks for looking, everyone.

    Jon- They are for sale at if you need one.

    Richi- The iPod is a first generation, with no clickwheel. It’s extinct.

    Thanks again!

  10. Rotten Gods

    cool idea!

  11. Jaqi Mugo

    shows how quickly technology reaches obsolescense, lol! :)

    Helps us focus on the things that matter, like our relationship with God and loving others.

  12. Sklep Zoologiczny

    Art for art’s sake? I suppose so…

  13. fred

    wow that was awesome..

  14. Jesus Arenas

    I love it!

  15. Ata

    it’s amazing but apple products never turn into fossil…

  16. emo kid

    kool i like the nintendo 64 controller best

  17. Dan Barnhart

    These are awesome. Do you sell any of your stuff?

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