12 Creative Toilet Paper Designs

12 Creative Toilet Paper Designs

Collection of unusual toilet paper designs that will spice up your bathroom and surprise your guests.

Sudoku Toilet Paper

This creative roll of toilet paper is imprinted with Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku Toilet Paper

Black Toilet Paper

Renova black toilet paper will definitely stand out in any bathroom.

Black Toilet Paper

Origami Toilet Paper

While you sit and ponder keep yourself busy with this silly roll of toilet paper with complete instructions on folding your own toilet paper crane.

Origami Toilet Paper

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

Now you’ll always be able to find the toilet paper, even in the dark. [buy]

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

Crime Scene Toilet Paper

Bring some life back to your bathroom with this unique toilet paper.

Crime Scene Toilet Paper

Horror Story Toilet Paper

Japan’s creepiest toilet paper comes with imprinted horror story by Koji Suzuki.

Horror Story Toilet Paper

Greenpeace Toilet Paper

Greenpeace has used this toilet paper to remind people not to waste paper in Beijing, China.

Greenpeace Toilet Paper

Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper

Stock the bathroom with a roll of valentine toilet paper that has hearts printed with safe, water-based inks.

Valentines Day Toilet Paper

Cactus Toilet Paper

Cactus Toilet Paper

Notepad Toilet Paper

Cool advertising for the School of Visual Arts encouraged people to “think” by giving them a place to write down their ideas. [more]

Notepad Toilet Paper

Money Toilet Paper

You can always use dollar bills when you run out of toilet paper… [buy]

Money Toilet Paper

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  1. Andy

    Love the notepad one… Haha!

  2. Anirtak

    Cactus toilet paper (?)

  3. James Ballard

    Oh crap!…that’s funny

  4. sanideos

    The cactus one! Is it designed for blokes with auto-sadistic tendencies?

  5. Hobo

    Very funny

  6. Toyama

    Now who would want a glow in the dark one?! Hahahaha truly funny

  7. designvore

    I wouldn’t have thought of doing something for toilet paper. It would seem weird to use one of those! But still, really interesting and original designs.

  8. Karin Stewart

    These could prove to be quite entertaining! The crime scene toilet paper would be fantastic to use when kids TP’d each others houses!!!

  9. Alex

    I saw a good one somewhere once and it had pictures of hearts on it and said:

    “My love for you is like diorrea, i just cant hold it in”

  10. Hock

    You missed the cheese grater one in the header image…

  11. taban

    very interesting……..

  12. Baran

    who would want the ass hole to glow ın the dark

  13. kurp

    Brilliant :)

  14. Geoff

    The black toilet paper is kinda impractical. Think about it.

  15. dan iavorszky

    I might add the “famous” Crumpler toilet paper: http://bit.ly/8eskA



  17. superdit

    love the black one

  18. Dabitch

    Posting Worth1000 photoshop jobs are we? (The cactus ad). You should have left the fakes ones out would have made a better post. (Or clearly label it just for fun, that works too). My 2cents.

  19. Travis

    Very cool. Though I won’t be buying the cheese grater TP anytme soon.

  20. michael luthuli

    Where do you get the machinery to make these toilet papers?

  21. Will

    cactus toilet paper?! owwwwwwww.

  22. rick

    This could be the start of collecting these things, see what they might be worth in 20 years, lol. Very ingenious and decorative, all of them are

  23. peter

    i like cactus

  24. tommy

    These days a roll of real money may be cheaper than buying it.

  25. sally

    is that real money?

  26. Winston Riley

    Yeah i also like Cactus toilet paper

  27. Day357

    i would want the glow in the dark one so when i have to go to the bathroom ay night i can see the toilet paper and dont have to turn on the lights… that lazy

  28. ayanda

    money toilet paper it is….

  29. ChEeSe

    the glow in the dark one is super creative!!! and super useful!

  30. Sarah Lee

    Cactus toilet paper? One would never recover from the experience. The one with the hearts was my favourite. The glow-in-the-dark is a fabulous idea, especially for the kiddies.

  31. Alb

    all the designs are so good

  32. angel

    cactus paper OUCH!

  33. Larna

    Sudoku toilet paper’s player is a dum*as*..having #1 twice.hihi

  34. CutieMc Awsome

    it would be so funny to have a meat one i mean seriously who wants to wipe their butt on meat besides lady gaga who WORE meat! i think the glow in the dark one is cool and the money one is funny!

  35. ~*Kitten*~

    you know what would really be hilarious…vibrating toilet paper XD hahahhahha!

  36. akudemi

    For the sudoku toilet paper… the moron who put the 1 in the center 3×3 was a fail seeming it had a 1 in it to begin with. That failed 1 should be a 6 to make it work.

    Yes… i actually worked out the puzzle. xD

  37. Abigail

    My 2 favorites were the glow in the dark and dollar bills! Cute! :)

  38. Bear

    Fantastic creativity!

  39. vicki

    Heard about the black toilet on the View. Wonderful!!!!

  40. ZacTheAwesome

    sorry, but i just have to point a few things out…

    1) After you pull a few sheets off the glow in the dark one, they will start getting less luminous until they dont glow at all.
    2) Anyone noticed how the cheese grater is made of metal, but still seems to create a cylindrical shape, which means either you will be fumbling around with sharp metal after taking a dump or trying to prize it apart with a crowbar and
    3) Whilst wiping with the black toilet paper, one is bound to realise ‘hey, is this the last of my excrement, or is there more still left on my derriere, because i won’t be able to differenciate between my poo and this darn black paper!’

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