Water Tower House in Belgium

Water Tower House in Belgium

Old water tower in Steenokkerzeel, Belgium has been transformed into a modern single family house.

This unique residential property has six floors and comes with a terrace on the roof that provides breathtaking panoramic views.

Water Tower House

Water Tower Apartment

Water Tower Interior

Belgian Water Tower House

Water Tower Bathroom

Water Tower Stairs


Water Tower Kitchen

Modern Water Tower

House inside a Water Tower

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  1. Arkwright


  2. evie

    Beautiful house.

  3. James Ward

    Aside from the lax planning and zoning regulations, the toilets must flush really well. I’d be really impressed if it collects rainwater. Throw some elegant solar panels on the side and now you’re talking!

  4. Kikishua

    And all those stairs would certainly keep you fit.

  5. Spanki

    @ James Ward
    It dosen’t collect water it pumps it if it still does though

    I think it is gorgeous
    great place to have a party

  6. gnarf

    the cat is cute

  7. JTKirk

    what the hell is with “I love Fidel (en?) Castro?” written on the chalk board??

    The chalk board is a great idea though … pretty sick house in general – and is that a shower on the roof?

  8. forumlogic

    Outstanding with killer views – I just love the seating area which I guess is on the larger top deck of the water tower. Imagine the tranquility! Oh bliss.

    Just one thing, why no pictures of the bedrooms?

    I have always had a bit of a thing about water towers because there are so many different designs – quirky and cool.

  9. Ben

    Where is the water coming from ?…..

  10. Chad

    Very nice!

  11. Raads

    forgive me if im wrong, but i do not want a house with a big cylinder coming out of the living room. its freakin ugly :|

  12. yeray


  13. Art of Concept

    I love it! I really like it, even with the ugly cylinder in the living room!

  14. Stef

    extrodinairy design. Simple and what a view. Would be a dream to live there. I would prefer larger windows in de bedroom though.

  15. Cory

    @JTKirk i also noticed that. ???

  16. Karin L.

    I think it’s ugly, too!!!

  17. Bart

    @JTKirk & @Cory

    “En” is the Dutch word for “and”. As it is written in crayons, it is probably written by children who are unlikely to know Fidel Castro.

    Both parts of that name can be used for names as well, and if you look at the 6th picture down (starting from the one with the ‘I love..’), I think you’ll see either Fidel or Castro. My guess it are the names of the domestic cats! :)

    Like the concept by the way, I wonder what the actual size feels like (a lot of mirrors/shiny surfaces are present to enlarge everything…).

  18. Atavar

    That place is huuuuge. Nice reworking of a redundent structure.

  19. Omega

    three ovens? a huuuge sectional sofa? that must be a one large family!

  20. Me

    You could always use the big tube down the center for a quick exit. Or an elevator. Pretty cool.

  21. James Anzalone

    I’m in love

  22. ChEeSe

    it would be pretty cool to live here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. JTKirk

    So… the cat’s names are ‘Fidel’ and ‘Castro’? Way to go mum and dad, way to give celebrity to a dirty commie.

    Gotta love Europe.

  24. brandi myers

    omg I love it this is the best thing ever i want to live in it but of course im stuck in Iowa

  25. Vlad

    Quite a piece of art. An historical monument. But who would like to live in such place? I wonder how many times a day those poor people have to climb that steep ladders just to get a cup of coffee?
    It is – as an architectural masterpiece – beautiful.
    But it is not for living.

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