Tin Foil Portrait

Tin Foil Portrait

Dominic Wilcox, a talented British designer, made detailed 3D replica of his own face out of regular tin foil.

Fragile sculpture was created by forming tin foil into an old plaster mold that was made when the artist was 21.

Tin Foil Bust

Tin Foil Head

Tin Foil

Tin Foil Face

Tin Foil Sculpture

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  1. drMikey

    I’m sorry, but this is what I can expect from toxel these days? Man makes mask out of aluminum foil by forming tin foil into old plaster cast?

    Hey what’s up 4th grade. Long time no see.

  2. Megan

    Awesome idea! I will try to make one myself.

  3. mumphLT

    This guy teaches at kindergarten yeah?

  4. connor

    If he had cut the extra tin foil off of the sides then this wouldn’t be on this cite.

  5. Truthiness

    Toxel needs to add “worthy” and “unworthy” buttons and let us vote on this stuff.

  6. G

    you, sir “Truthiness”, are right!

  7. Anna

    Agree with Truthiness and G!

  8. Danyell

    I think I could also recreate this by just pressing tin foil against my own face…no mold needed! WOW!

    Thank goodness I have a BFA!

  9. bird

    i think the photography of the object is better than the object itself, and I wholeheartedly agree truthiness and connor, but connor especially

  10. DAN


  11. Mark

    I recommend you view this in the context of Mr Wilcox’s whole speed creating project before you look down your noses. You may feel not so smug.

  12. Blorgh

    I went to the artist’s website and literally any of the pieces from the 30 day creation a day spree are more interesting than this.

    The Aluminum Foil Bust was one of the things he made during his month long project a day marathon, and after reading what he says about it I liked the piece a bit more:

    “Time is so fleeting, many people want it all back again but the best we can do is try to capture moments. A bronze bust captures a person’s face for eternity. I decided to use another metal to create my own bust, one that is so fragile it can be destroyed in a second. This tin foil bust is me at the age of 21 (a long while ago). (Made by forming foil into the original old plaster mould)”

    However, I would agree with most of the posters here that it isn’t worthy of an entire Toxel entry. I think that perhaps instead, they should have used either all 30 or at least a wider selection of projects from his creative spree.

  13. gunneos

    cool until “forming tin foil into an old plaster mold”.

  14. Gert

    Mark, speed is not at all related to art. Sorry, but the other posters are right. This is not worthy of the site. A 6 year old could manage this ‘project’ and get similar results.

    Art may be subjective but generally crap is not.

  15. timmay

    i agree with truthiness and g, all have to do is get strong foil and stick your face into it, that easy

  16. Habibies


  17. Zunny

    i have agree with the others , this is lame

  18. Tyrone

    I agree, this would be so much more amazing if he made it with his hands, not using a mould.

  19. Waldo

    I wonder what the whole body version of this would look like.

  20. G Loaf

    ugh this so does not belong on this site

  21. Midet

    I assume it would look like a dude covered in tin foil.

  22. Pete

    Just for fun. Do not worry too much. It is a contemporary arts.

  23. Modhawk

    It is not the difficulty of the art made, it is that he actually thought about it and did it. Nice piece of work, silver faces are a great angle for used tin foil. It’s Freebirds art at a higher level. Anyone who likes burritos and knows this place, knows what modhawk is talking about.

  24. latincrow

    @Truthiness: couldn’t agree more

  25. VinceVega

    and next week well use sillyputty and REAL newspapers kids!

  26. ENZ0


  27. koi koi

    Reminds me of the good ol’ paper mache!

  28. Lamon Lekeen

    I’ve been wearing thin foil the greater of my life.
    Even before anyone called it a mask. Which it is NOT!
    Is this art?

  29. Danyell

    Modhawk- You’re right, it’s not about difficulty. It’s about results. And these are not good results. (And I’m not convinced that this particular piece had a lot of forethought. Yeah, he wrote something seemingly intelligent when it was done. But b.s.ing about meaning in your work is a skill that all artists master over time.)

  30. cherry


  31. Debbie T

    I did this with a 4th grade class using heavy duty foil and the kids own faces–no mold needed. Kids helped each other. When they were done, I spray painted them with a texture paint that looks like stone when it dries. We mounted them to matt boards gluing a piece of sponge under the face so that it looked ‘suspended’ over the matt board. They were well received by the kids and parents and it was fun for all.

  32. Rose

    I truly do not know why a lot of people are so critical of this project – it just shows a particular method, you can do with it as you wish. I wonder if the folks who are so critical are out creating themselves.

  33. Lezlie

    it is an awesome project for kids! I’m using heavy duty foil right over my grandsons faces! They can put them up on their walls!!! It’s a great idea!

  34. Marilyn

    I think this project has an interesting and eerie effect. As stated, it’s not always about the difficulty in production. It’s an idea ‘worthy’ of sharing and I’ve seen similar things of absurd ‘simplicity’ on display in well-acclaimed art museums and galleries…and yes, it’s ‘art’. Off your high horses kiddos…nothing wrong with revisiting an art form…even one from younger years.

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