Universal Wrapping Paper

Universal Wrapping Paper

Creative gift wrapping paper designed by Francesca Guidotti and Fabio Milito.

Inspired by word search games, universal wrapping paper is perfect for any occasion. Simply locate and mark the appropriate message. [more info]

Puzzle Wrapping Paper

Word Puzzle

Wrapping Paper

Word Puzzle Wrapping Paper

Creative Wrapping Paper

Modern Wrapping Paper

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  1. cara

    oh wow i actually love this and now totally want it… hmm consumerism

  2. MJ

    I suck in wrapping gifts. Now I have to worry about the word i need to encircle would be in its proper position.

  3. Georgie

    This obviously won’t work for smaller gifts

  4. Deny Gnasher

    Cooooool! I really love it!

  5. red

    wow love it!

  6. griffton

    i want that! wer can i get some ?

  7. Josh

    That is actually genious.

  8. Mike

    Cool idea. I use newspapers, old transit & road maps, appliance instructions for wrapping paper. Even cheaper & quicker.

  9. JCM


  10. Deanna

    great design! love it.

  11. Danyell


  12. Aerwhyn

    I got this last christmas. Thought it’d be a great chance to doodle on the wrapping paper that I was going to put around the families’ presents. I then realised I had to be precise with the wording and I had to do it between the lines and neat otherwise it’d leave my family clueless to what it was for because they forgot what the season event was. After doing it about three times over (the second time I leaned to hard in concentration and ripped the wrapping paper) I then left it under the tree for the morning. In the morning, when the kids were unwrapping their presents, they didn’t even notice the time and effort I spent into detailing what the event the presents were about. They just threw it carelessly about. I promptly went upstairs and started to cry. I felt unappreciated.I now use gift bags insteaed of wrapping paper.

  13. K.

    Aerwhyn, since you say it was Christmas, I would assume that they knew that the occasion for the gifts was… well… Christmas maybe? And they’re kids. Most kids will not care how their present is wrapped. I think you need to get out more.

    Okay then… I think this wrapping paper is awesome. It’s probably my favorite next to using the comic pages in the newspaper or making my own. :)

  14. Aerwhyn

    K. , you obviosuly don’t know what sarcasm is.

  15. Ben

    Really cool ! Great idea. I love it !
    Very inspired

  16. ......

    Umm… Kinda hard to tell you’re trying to be sarcastic…

    Also, this is great!

  17. bert

    this is brilliant!

  18. ran

    this is creative and innovative idea…love it so much

  19. Glenn Contreras

    I need it! Seriously… I mean, SERIOUSLY!!!

  20. Jason

    give me one!!!

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