Beautiful Photos of Cute Dogs

Beautiful Photos of Cute Dogs

Series of photos by Tim Flach features incredible portraits of adorable dogs.

Talented photographer managed to capture the personality of each dog. Animals were photographed without collars and tags.

To see these images in print form, purchase Tim Flach’s Dogs book.

Dog Photo

Dog Picture


Cute Dog

Stylish Dog

Dog Portrait

Dog Photography

Adorable Dog

Beautiful Dog

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  1. bomberben

    Beautifully Done!

  2. julie

    Those dogs ain’t pretty!
    Ok the fourth from last is cute but the rest are pretty ugly looking

  3. Timbo

    Why are people like Julie always so negative? It never fails.

  4. may

    Awesome work…Animals are a gift from God…I love them all…
    The 1st and 6th ones r the best….

  5. parmy

    the 6th one down reminds me of snoop dog in the 90’s

  6. Glenn Contreras

    OMG, best dog’s photoset ever!!!

    The dalmatian looks like a person posing!!!

    And the 4th… wow, how is it possible?

    I really love it!!!

  7. Betty


  8. cycarla


  9. Doug

    Nice photos, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out some were photoshopped.

  10. Crumpet

    4th from the bottom is Bob Ross’ dog.

  11. Ti @ Cafe

    I like the last one. Poor dog tho.

    What’s with the one that looks like a rag.

  12. Mojtaba

    Only 5th and 7th are cute!

  13. Mac

    Skeleton dog?

  14. Karin L.

    Love them!

  15. Dane

    Timbo, because some people, like Julie, are saddened by their life as an overweight overworked mediocrity. The rest of us, for the most part, enjoy things. The things we enjoy are often different, but that’s why we like them. Variety is the spice of life. Like beer, there ain’t no such thing as one I don’t like, just some I prefer more than others.

    These dogs are each beautifully groomed and the photos are done exceptionally well. I wouldn’t own most of them except #1, but from my home in frosty Chicagoland, they look nice.

  16. Koi Koi


  17. Kei

    I love how a definining characteristic from each breed is showcased.

    I like the last one’s cut, but don’t understand why that’d be in this set, though.

  18. kidstrong

    I’m missing the Weimaraner, most beautiful dogs in the world :) In this series only the first and second are cute.

  19. Clare

    The last one is just truely amazing. The way it’s groomed. The way it’s posed. EVERYTHING. If I were to get a poodle later in life, I would keep it groomed just like that. Just beautiful.

  20. sachin

    @parmy , yea.. it’s bit same !

  21. Juliee

    This is a different julie btw

    I really like these dogs what could make it bettetr was if the dogs were puppies otherwise these are awesome!
    Major Props to the groomers the owners and the photographer

  22. Midet

    Oh I love that skeleton poodle so much. I usually find poodle cuts a bit chiche but that is nice.

  23. Gert

    Doug… you know nothing of what photoshopped actually looks like. And obviously less about pure breed dogs. These are all AKC quality animals hence their perfection.

    LOVE the pulet or however the 4th one is spelled. It takes a LONG time to make their hair dread out correctly and this one is very well groomed.

    My fave is the afghan hound though, looks like a demure woman hiding in her bangs. Very cool.

  24. Lintu

    last one is cool :D

  25. Mendis Lee

    Very Cute & Beautiful

  26. Ada

    Dogs are ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL even when they look ”ugly” they still cute and their personalitys are hard to resist, better than many people in many ways..give me a dog any time.

  27. bob

    the bishaun is the ugliest and yappiest dog of the lot, even worse than the chinese crested.

  28. HannahJet

    omg the bloodhound is adorbs <3 and those dogs have straighter, healthier hair then i do! lol

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