Dograck for your Bicycle

Dograck for your Bicycle

Unique product designed for bicycle owners who like to travel with their dog.

Fairdale pet rack is better than a basket or a trailer. Innovative mounting system will keep your dog (or cat) safe and secure.

Perfect solution for attaching a dog to a bicycle!

Fairdale Dograck


Pet Rack


Dog Rack

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  1. Miguel

    A bike rack for Mitt Romney!

  2. woops

    Animal cruelty. Almost.

  3. Maude

    nyawww! Poor thing!

  4. Purple

    You can tell that the photo of the biggest dog is photoshopped… Look at his feet, they’re clearly stepping on the ground instead of hanging.

  5. Ben

    I wish my dogs didnt cast a shadow either

  6. Douglas

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  7. John

    I think I’ll prefer having a basket for the dog rather this :L, how is it even safe for the dog? Looks like a painful ride with no seat belts for them :L

  8. Jennifer

    stupid invention. Looks super painful and uncomfy to the dogs

  9. Gert

    yaahhh… no. but LMAO @ it.

  10. uma

    all of them are photoshopped!

  11. minions

    If this is for real, at least put a cushion.

  12. steve jobs


  13. not peta

    this looks awful and the dogs are not happy. stop this

  14. Angelina

    This is a joke – they have a skaterack and “adapted” it for dogs: “Most any dog or CAT can be carried with ease. The design is NOT breed or even species specific. Our tests have had equal success with raccoons to turtles.” (

  15. tyler

    You know this was a joke right. It is actually a skateboard rack for you bike.

  16. anne

    wow. that’s incredibly unsafe on every level. even if the dog was ok with hanging there perfectly still, a paw or tail in the spinning spokes would be game over for both you and your dog. dogs are not panniers.

  17. Goob

    I think this is a stupid invention for someone with too much time on their hands, and whoever did some of these pictures is terrible at Photoshop.

    Poor dogs :¬(

  18. E

    Looks uncomfortable.

  19. vb

    You guys aren’t the sharpest tools in the garage

  20. razzer

    This is just nuts , get real . Better yet get a nice trailer for your dog .

  21. Madeline

    This is animal cruelty. You try hanging on metal bar and see how you feel.

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