Creative Sticky Notes

Creative Sticky Notes

Modern sticky notes come in all shapes and sizes. This post showcases the most unusual and creative sticky note designs.

Wooden Block Sticky Notes

KAKUZAI memo block sticky notes are shaped like a wooden block.

Wooden Block Sticky Notes

USB Flash Drive Sticky Notes

Tiny sticky notes were combined with a USB flash drive.

USB Flash Drive Sticky Notes

Fruit Sticky Notes

Creative Apple and Pear shaped sticky notes from Japan. [buy]

Fruit Sticky Notes

iPhone Sticky Notes

Apps-on sticky notes precisely match iPhone’s size and shape. [buy]

iPhone Stickyt Notes

Balding Sticky Notes

Clever sticky notes made for Pantogar hair revitalizer ad campaign.

Balding Sticky Notes

Talk To The Hand Sticky Notes

Sticky notes designed to replace boring and old sticky notes. [buy]

Talk To The Hand Sticky Notes

Twitter Sticky Notes

Creative and unique sticky notes inspired by Twitter update box.

Twitter Sticky Notes

Manga Sticky Notes

Designer sticky note set inspired by Japanese Manga comic books.

Manga Sticky Notes

Murder Ink Sticky Notes

Deadly serious sticky notes are perfect for poison pen notes, letters of resignation, hit lists, and office to-do’s. [buy]

Murder Ink Sticky Notes

Black Sticky Notes

Unique sticky note pad comes with its own metallic silver sharpie. [buy]

Black Sticky Notes

Leaf Sticky Notes

Leaf-it sticky notes from talented Korean designer Sangwoo Nam. [buy]

Leaf Sticky Notes

Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

Disk-it creative sticky notes were inspired by 3.5″ floppy disks. [buy]

Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

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  1. Nick_Yuji

    The wood block one is the coolest IMO, but I think the twitter one is awesome!

    ps. getting the balding one for my Dad…

  2. Van

    cool stuff, love them all!

  3. Lilly

    I absolutely love all of these!!!

    I think the balding one is the funniest.

  4. Oliver Rumpf

    Nice, my favorite ist the iPhone and the twitter post-it

  5. Betty


  6. NiSa ZuL

    so cute. i want all of it!!!

  7. may

    The Black post is awesome….they’re all pretty much very cool!!!!

  8. jaqi mugo

    Love the black, the leaf is beautiful, too.
    Balding, ha ha ha! Fruit, pretty! Twitter, clever.

  9. Bob

    Balding and Twitter were the best!

  10. Manpreet

    The balding one was my favorite:)
    But all of them are super creative

  11. Clona

    It says Nico on the wooden block post it.
    Nico as in.. Niconico Douga?

  12. Hydro

    Some amazing note here ^_^
    Unfortunately, they will not replace the yellow notes. the designes don’t stand out as much as the Yellow notes.

  13. Adam

    The USB one seems a little superflous; computers are great at storing data (e.g. notes.)

  14. Cheng

    where to get them?

  15. ugh

    Wooden block and balding

  16. Ninja Egg :D

    The fruit ones are cool. But the bald one is the funniest for sure!

  17. Vibha

    I found the pen drive sticky notes to be very handy… Loved the wooden block sticky notes :)

  18. Jessie

    My sister and I have the apple post it!

  19. Sophie

    Where can I buy the balding sticky notes?? Pleease, please help me!!

  20. Mary Tucker

    All of these examples are great! Wonderfully creative and it s is evident that the possibilities are endless.

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