Tetris Inspired Sticky Notes

Tetris Inspired Sticky Notes

Pack of cool sticky notes shaped like the pieces from the iconic puzzle game.

Block Notes designed by Ben Ambrose can be arranged in a block shaped wall of color. Sticky notes have never been this fun! [order]

Tetris Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

Block Sticky Notes

Tetris Shaped Sticky Notes

Block Notes

For more unusual stationery, check out: 12 Creative Sticky Notes

  1. Enkhsaihan

    must be so much fun

  2. Zoey

    where can I buy?!?!?

  3. B.O.B

    Do they disappear when you get a straight line?

  4. George

    Is the company SUCK UK?

  5. Ben Bangkok

    LOL – creative cluttery! But I love it

  6. chedie

    I love it! Besides making notes I can play with the shapes! :D

  7. Darrell

    haha awesooome

  8. Veronica

    so cute! i want them!

  9. Joy

    i like it :)

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