3D Sculptures Made of Crayons

3D Sculptures Made of Crayons

Herb Williams is famous for creating three-dimensional crayon sculptures.

Large sculptures are made from hundreds of thousands of crayons. Herb is the only artist in the world who maintains an account with Crayola.

White Noise

Lucky 7

Crayon Sculptures

American Flag

Chanel Poodle Bag

Crayon Art


Crayon Creations

Crayon Band

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  1. Veronica Vera

    Very colorful and creative!

  2. ugh

    That is a lot of crayons

  3. ferf

    Herb is a genius, and super creative. I LOVE the work he does (and he’s from Nashville too, so that’s a plus) :)

  4. Niyari

    the last one is pretty wicked

  5. satisfy25

    I love it so much…I’ve got 2 try the pink dress

  6. Lulu-Chan

    soo cool i love the dog

  7. Midet

    This reminded me HOW MUCH I LOVE CRAYONS

  8. Art of Concept

    Awesome conceptual artworks! Highly creative! Love the sense of movement on the pear and the red head!

  9. Mola Gola

    waste of crayons

  10. Gert

    Not sure I really get the point of this but hey, that’s art for you.

  11. Aztecatl

    3d sculpture?… i thought all the sculpture must to be in 3d. ┬┐or not?

  12. Raads

    LOL at Mola Gola, you could use them for colouring innit!
    they are kinda cool.
    what was the green one supposed to be, an avacado?

  13. DJ Connect

    I know exactly where the pink dress is located… Its in Nashville TN at the Preston Hotel… THe hotel is full of stuff like that… I love that hotel…

  14. Stacy Ashton

    Where do I buy something?i love the Chanel art one ….

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