UNHATE Campaign

UNHATE Campaign

Powerful advertising campaign by Benetton’s UNHATE foundation promotes acceptance, tolerance, and closeness between people.

Central theme is the kiss, the most universal symbol of love. Memorable ads show world political and religious leaders kissing one another.

Unhate is a message that invites us to consider that hate and love are not as far away from each other as we think. Actually, these two opposing sentiments are often in a delicate and unstable balance.

Stop hating, if you were hating. Don’t hate, UNHATE.

Presidents of the USA and Venezuela

President of the USA and President of Venezuela

Leaders of North Korea and South Korea

Supreme Leader of North Korea and President of South Korea

Pope and Sheikh of Al-Azhar Mosque

Pope and Sheikh of Al-Azhar Mosque

Leaders of Palestinian Authority and Israel

President of the Palestinian National Authority and Prime Minister of Israel

Chancellor of Germany and President of France

Chancellor of Germany and President of France

Leader of China and President of the USA

Paramount Leader of China and President of the USA

UNHATE in Tel Aviv

UNHATE in Tel Aviv

UNHATE in Paris

UNHATE in Paris

UNHATE in Milan

UNHATE in Milan

UNHATE in New York

UNHATE in New York

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  1. Villageidiot

    Looks more like a campaign for Brokeback Mountain 2…

  2. Zack

    *As the religious and homophobic around the world start to bug out*

    I guess it’s the fact that it is so controversial and striking is the very thing that might wake people up to realize, a kiss and/ or lack of hatred for one another isn’t a terrible thing. The less-educated however will have severe issues with this, I can see it already.

  3. Peter

    @Zack – The “less-educated will have severe issues”? What a pretentious statement.

    Listen, I have no problem with the message – but I don’t care for public display of affection; specially not geriatric kind from political figures. There are better symbols of love that don’t involve exchange of fluids…like hugs. I can get behind that…unless there’s ass grabbing.

  4. Immelmann

    Hah. The Pope and Sheikh look so into it!

  5. Nisa Zul

    i think this is wrong concept… just wrong. sorry, don’t like it at all….

  6. Ed

    I do admire the fact that they’ve tried to start a campaign to raise tolerance and love between groups that seem at odds, but the kiss is a little creepy. This is not even a shot towards the male/male kisses, but the fact that a kiss is just too much a display of affection. It’s like PDA, it just seems to make everyone uncomfortable. I would’ve much rather they all hugged. Hugs are much more warm and fuzzy and embracing-like.

  7. Pierre

    Hmmm… Did they start a campaign to raise tolerance, or are they using tolerance to make more money?

  8. Elliott

    Pierre> Definitely the second one, there. They sell clothing, I think.

  9. gunneos

    is it photoshopped?

  10. cole

    obama’s poll numbers are about to go wayyyyy down lol

  11. Siem

    @Gunneos: I’ve read that it’s Photoshopped. It’d be hard to believe that this were real photos :)

  12. Ian H.

    Benetton has always thrived on creating controversy with their clothing campaigns. This is nothing new for them, just another tired marketing tactic.

  13. Marijn


    You might want to look into the history of Benetton. They have a rich history of provoking campaigns that transcends the commercial intention.

    I have to agree that the pictures are quite shocking. But the fact that it shocks me is what suprises me the most. The reality is that these people rather would see each other dead than they would show this kind of affection. I think this is the right time for this campaign.

  14. Craig

    After reading all of the above posts it seems to me that the campaign is much needed. We as Americans have always professed or should I say boasted about being a Christian nation yet somehow can’t seem to practice the most basic of Christs teaching, “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR”

  15. Tim

    Thanks Craig, I was amazed how obvious it was becoming from the comments above, that a campaign about tolerance could be responded to so blindly by intolerance. hmmm.

  16. Rob

    HAHAHA looks like Obama is getting into it a little too much!! Looks like he enjoys kissin other men.

  17. J

    This is stupid. it made me hate. haha

  18. Evan

    The idea that tolerance = romance and passion (which the kiss IS a symbol of) is so far off the mark. There are despots actively victimizing their fellow man (some pictured), perhaps being honest and intolerant of their behavior would be more appropriate than giving them a cuteness makeover. The pictures of the non-oppressors are just mushy and inconsequential.

  19. Rudy

    “Stop hating, if you were hating. Don’t hate, UNHATE”

    That is the message. Simple but thought provoking. Reflect on yourself.
    Could you fathom unhating the individual(s) or people to have caused you to feel this hatred? Try it.

  20. Kirvi_Inci

    I think it is brilliant! Regardless of the negative or the positive feedback, they were able to create something that made people stand up and take notice. This is something that is a staple of pretty much all Benetton ads.

  21. Theobama

    Most commented Toxel post ever?

    I love it.

  22. Ivander

    Why they use kissing pictures!? I believe the provocateur is a gay, can’t they just use hugging or high5 pictures???

  23. Darrell

    Agreed with Peter and Ed..

  24. Jeffrey

    Im all for equal rights for homosexuals, but it seems to me the subjects of these poster might cause more harm than good. Love him, hate him, or indifferent, Obama is one of the most controversial figures today. He cant do anything at face value. Not to make a general statement, Im aware that this might come of as pretentious; but it seems to me that the people these ads are aimed at are people who are already gonna have a huge problem with Obama. So now instead of promoting tolerence, it just produces more hate.

    I do like the kim jong il picture though, only because he is such tyrant and Im sure the photo will upset.

  25. Elin

    I LOVE this campaign, its genious! and i dont think people should read so much into the kiss, i see the act more as a symbol of absence of hate, which is the whole point i guess, seeing as the campaign is called UnHate. I’d love to live in a world where people didnt react if these people actually kissed each other, and Craig, thank you, i fully agree.
    And in the end the campaign has got people talking about Benetton, which is kinda the whole point with an ad campaign

  26. Mohammad Islam

    im starting to think if this is really about political tolerance or tolerance of gay people.

  27. Huckbo

    This is a great ad campaign to promote hate. It’s working beautifully.

  28. foxxyshazaam

    Hahaha this is so cute and brilliant. If you don’t like it, the point is made. God is love people…oh and hugs wouldnt have gotten your attention like this..think.

  29. Shandya

    Photoshop LVL. 100

  30. douglas

    CREEPY !!

  31. Eliza

    Photoshop LVL. 100

    Love that coment

    And… well… if you go and search all the campaigns from Benetton… this is less shocking than others… yet… quite great the way they resume all the words that could have been said to… “Unhate”

    With this all the haters would speak their minds off just because they are using public figures and gay kissing, politics, religion, war, contrast, things people just can’t stand to “tolerate” in an easy way… but that’s the whole point isn’t it? why hate?

    politics? religion? tolerance? is all there… :) great way of make people talk their mind of… for haters and those who understand…

  32. Domo

    Classic Shock advertising. This company doesn’t care about hate or unhate, they just want a controversal ad campaign to get noticed so they can sell their product.

  33. Dom

    I hate how quick people are to overlook this as just another marketing scheme. Of course it would be naive to suggest that there was no consideration for the company’s sales, but is it so preposterous to consider that they might also have something worth saying?

    Regardless of who’s paying for the big prints, the message is still the same.

  34. Werner

    It could of just been a hug. This is stupid as hell. Do you kiss your best friend on the lips? No.

  35. Katrina

    How is this not appropriation?

  36. Noelle

    What has this got to do with selling clothes? When I first saw this ad, I was thrown until someone explained to me what it’s about and I still think its unnecessary.

  37. Noelle

    They’re clever. I didn’t know who they were until i saw this ad. now im writing a paper about them…

  38. Passerby

    This is really just distrubing to me. its not that i hate this its just the fact that… it seems so childish to cut and paste someone kissing someone else to prove a point….

  39. Liv

    Hmm. I see the message as a good thing, but as many others have said the kissing is a little far. Kissing is romantic, not so much friendly. Hugging or even shaking hands would have been better, I think. But as a marketing campaign, it’s a job well done.

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