Pixelated Sculptures

Pixelated Sculptures

Creative sculptures made of plywood by American sculptor Shawn Smith.

Talented artist finds photos of his subjects online and then “pixel by pixel” creates three-dimensional representations of two-dimensional images.

Wonderful “8-bit” creations look like birds, sharks, and other animals.

Pixelated Sculpture

8 Bit Sculptures

Pixelated Sculptures by Shawn Smith

Pixelated Sculpture by Shawn Smith

8 Bit Art

Pixelated Art by Shawn Smith

Pixel Art

Pixel Sculptures

8 Bit Art by Shawn Smith

8 Bit Sculptures by Shawn Smith

Pixel Sculptures by Shawn Smith

8 Bit Sculpture by Shawn Smith

8 Bit Sculpture

Pixel Sculpture by Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith Art

Shawn Smith Sculptures

Shawn Smith

Pixel Art by Shawn Smith

Pixel Sculpture

Pixelated Art

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    WOW this is cool! It’s a cool expression of our technology centered world!

  2. Lol


  3. The Thinking Insomniac

    Great stuff!!!

  4. The Kenyan


  5. Dominic

    @The Kenyan: I Did the same lol

    Amazing work

  6. itai

    Love it. Though it needs more art from video games.

  7. Nisa Zul

    thats one amazing work!

  8. Steven

    I wouldn’t call this 8-bit bit art rather a Lego art. It really looks like made out of Lego. But still this kind of art looks amazing!

  9. Tim

    The fox sculpture makes me want to go play StarFox.

  10. Gert

    Very very cool and innovative.

  11. cool

    After looking through most of these i expected there to be a mario version, looks like i was wrong =_=” – huge disappointment- Fantastic work tho

  12. Douglas

    digital paint by numbers.

  13. doogle

    This guy should definately start playing minecraft.

  14. Lance

    i love the bear “rug”….but…I can’t imagine it would be too comfortable for a romantic interlude in front of a fireplace

  15. stefano

    nice and smart

  16. Pixel

    Kept looking at these and waiting for them to load… :)

  17. me

    he should make an octopus!

  18. JonDTM

    A massive Minecraft player!

  19. Ross

    He did a show at the gallery at my university, it was really great seeing these up close!!

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