3D Paintings

3D Paintings

French artist known as Shaka creates amazing three-dimensional paintings.

He sculpts the shapes of familiar objects directly on the canvas and covers them with layers of paint to create the desired 3D effect.


3D Painting

3D Art

Shaka 3D Art

Shaka 3D Painting



3D Canvas

Marchal Mithouard

For more inspiration, check out: People Transformed Into Paintings

  1. dotta

    The first one is kind of frightening… but in a good way. Would love to see this in real life

  2. Marcus

    Damn awesome…!!
    man dis guy is amazing…!!!
    x D

  3. Josh

    Woah so cool!!

  4. Darrell

    I… really can’t express how awesome these are to me. O_o

  5. Art of Concept

    Impressive art!!! Cool work!

  6. Glenn Contreras


  7. Enzo

    this is so great to look at!

  8. Waleed

    Looks like they are part of this world!! Truely amazing! Unbelievable!

  9. enkay

    these are totally lame. So commercial and gimmicky

  10. Elliott

    That is so cool. I can imagine a world where a lot of people make art in three dimensions. We could call it sculpture or something.

  11. latincrow

    love them!

  12. Dominic

    What isnt 3D these days!

  13. pampalas

    would LOVE to have one of this

  14. Eve

    Wow! Super talented.

  15. flatsolid

    Truly inspirational comic art.

  16. Pen

    Well… it’s really more sculpture than painting, but still done pretty well.

  17. girish jasoria

    Wow! Super talented

  18. TwinkleTinytot

    :O Omg, WOW!!

  19. nfn

    i just don’t like the way he sits.

  20. maxwell

    Triiiiiipy stuff, man.

  21. marie

    wow, i wish i could this. it sweeps me off my feet

  22. Lea

    great work… very strong… love the use of colour and 3d dimensional effect

  23. Fyrehed

    Crazy style. I kind of like the interpretative implications from it, like how we’re all sort of a mix of ourselves, a violent but sometimes melodious of all our different mes in a single mind. Anyway, that’s what it made me think about. That, and I’m always a fan of color. Good work. Cheers.

  24. anonymous

    That’s a cool idea, but I really don’t understand his subject matter. It just doesn’t seem to have a deep meaning, and just be for the purpose of “looking cool”, which I guess is okay, but it makes me pretty indifferent to it.

  25. Max

    This guy was the art teacher in my highschool in france haha

  26. Fee Berry

    It’s an interesting technique, but it doesn’t “look like” 3D… it IS 3D. There’s a skill in making 2D images look like 3D when they aren’t… less skill in making 3D images look 3D, n’est-ce pas?

  27. maika

    wo0ow this very very go0od !!!

  28. sara

    really amazing work, i’m curious to how the 3D effect was made, what was used, really fine work

  29. palani raja

    ….Woah Amazing…..!!!

  30. Action Jackson

    I guess schizophrenics still drop acid.

  31. Lizzy

    I’m blind in my left eye, and I’ve been like this since I was 5 (8 ago years now), and I’ve never been able to see 3D. This is the closest thing I’ve gotten to 3D… Thank you so much for this experience. :)

  32. Lizzy

    *8 years ago

  33. Brandon

    This is a cool concept, but most of these photos are at the worst possible angle to show off the subject matter. Straight on shots abolish the 3D effect.

  34. Aidy

    Very unique perspectives! It’s like they’re popping out at you. Very great handle on 3D.

  35. Bryan

    … I can’t honestly say I don’t like these to much. the 3rd one is cool, but other than that most of them look like someone threw up every color of the rainbow on to them. Plus yes the whole “real 3d” thing isn’t very impressive to me, it’s much more difficult to make a 2d image look 3d then just make a 3d structure. Plus there is a huge lack of variety in the paintings, they all are the same pretty much a person or group of persons looking overwhelmed or angry… These need more variety and more use of principles and elements of design as well

  36. haya


  37. roshan

    amazing it is :)

  38. Sergio

    I don’t get it, what is this telling me about painting? Besides a new
    FILTER yes it’s well done , and neat

  39. mayowa

    i like the beautiful artworks but some are a little bit scary

  40. chris bolander

    do they sell posters like that, and were 2 get them!

  41. trip

    wow, thats really cool, I wonder when this will start becoming graffiti, it looks really cool though.

  42. lyn elrick

    Amazing as paintings by themselves let alone as a sculpture.superb.

  43. Lola

    Quite nice but I agree with @Bryan.

  44. David

    To be honest, I don’t see what the three dimension component adds to the image. As a painter, the illusion of 3 dimension and exhibiting different perspectives in 2d comes natural to me, (relatively). Working in the third dimension is very difficult for me. I wouldn’t dismiss the work for being 3d. But what is the point? I guess I would have to see it in person. As far as the images as a whole, it’s not earth shattering. I love painting and experimentation but gumic, not so much.

  45. jimmy

    very great painter…

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