People Transformed Into Paintings

People Transformed Into Paintings

Alexa Meade creates incredible paintings using real people as her canvas.

The artist coats her models with paint, obscuring the body while intimately exposing it, creating raw account of the person. Painted skin perceptually dissolves the body into a two dimensional caricature.

Real Painting

Real Life Painting

3D Painting

Modern Painting

Painting in Real World

Body Painting

Living Painting

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  1. Manpreet

    Must have been tough doing this!
    Very creative and good-looking

  2. Pepsi

    I approve!

  3. Darrell

    …WOW. Impressive.

  4. Dee

    Wow… these are awesome. Great works!

  5. Alex


  6. sachin

    that’s really cool ! no need of photographs…

  7. berto

    Impressive ¡¡¡¡¡

  8. Ray

    This is Incredible!!! hats off to Alexa Meade

  9. kadal

    totally amazing

  10. enav

    just awesome

  11. maura

    Just incredible!!! I want to be your model!!!

  12. jaqi mugo

    Seriously? This is TOO COOL!

    I would love for someone to do a portrait of me with me in it! :D

  13. graftik

    Never seen sth like this! Great!

  14. Greg Jeffries

    This is simply amazing! I’m blown away by how in a world where a lot of the work we see is copied and similar, that people are still coming up with fresh, original styles and ideas.

  15. Art of Concept

    Really dig this! Fantastic work, creative, unusual! So nicely done!

  16. cindy

    Wonderful work. I like!!!

  17. Toski

    awesome!!! AND… she’s hot!! haha

  18. gnarf

    she is soooooooo beautiful!

  19. Evie


  20. pfers


  21. zar

    whoa, looks like animation. like real people got into painting world, sort of.

  22. BincleBinc

    I LOVE IT!!! Wonderful art!

  23. Aja

    So innovative! I LOVE it!

  24. banafsheh

    just best ideas

  25. bert

    love it love it love itttttt!!!!!!!! so cooooooooool!!!

  26. rIcK

    really creative

  27. Ayoally

    Soooo cool

  28. Arabian


  29. Faegheh

    really creative and very beautiful

  30. hesam

    very nice……..

  31. Meow


  32. Diego

    Amazing! Loved it!

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