Sofa Inspired Chair

Sofa Inspired Chair

Lost in Sofa chair designed by Daisuke Motogi allows you to store and hide small objects between the cushions.

Things often get lost under the sofa. It is ordinary for a coin or a TV remote to be accidentally found in between/underneath the sofa cushions. Maybe you will find forgotten money that you once hid there…


Lost Objects

Lost in Sofa

Lost in Sofa Chair

Storage Chair

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  1. Madeleine

    Great, except that it’s the last thing I’d ever want to decorate my apartment with.

  2. brittany

    I want one

  3. Mohamed Abdel-Lateef

    very creative design ^__*
    i like it too much ;)

  4. Poet

    Now invent something that can clean it.

  5. hihi

    true it might be hard to clean with… perhaps removable cover to machine wash?
    I really like it tho. :D I want one

  6. tamsin


  7. Senjugudin

    It much better that these chair can dissemble into large mat for easy cleaning.

  8. forumlogic

    How much money lost down the back of the sofa??

  9. Rose

    Reminds me of Mario.

  10. Deanna

    Not something I’d want..

  11. Art of Concept

    Nice concept!

  12. Jorgelina

    You can really instert the coffee mug in it? *rubs chin*

  13. jimmy madson

    You can tell they don’t have kids!!!
    God, the stuff lost in there!

  14. James

    seems the cup of coffee was omitted from the actual demonstration…

  15. Steve

    It’s like a creepier version of the Pee Wee Herman chair.

  16. Reilly

    It’s cool, but it’s more of a joke then a practical product. It’d be hard to wash and clean, and it looks like it’d be easy to lose things deep within. Though this is the exact opposite of something people hate: losing the remote.

  17. sarah

    this is amazing! NO JOKE! (:

  18. joefcarc

    forget your coins

  19. Pete

    Men, if you think losing the remote is bad, never sit down naked on that chair. You won’t be able to get back up.

  20. James

    Really neat! could go great in a number of spaces and is a fun conversation piece

  21. Debby Janicki

    how much is this chair?

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