Formula 1 Car Inspired Chair

Formula 1 Car Inspired Chair

Designed by Alexander Christoff, this beautiful F1 lounge chair was inspired by the legendary Ferrari Formula 1 race car.

Fiberglass body, chrome legs and an adjustable headrest are combined to form the ergonomically enhanced chair that will spice up the living room of any Formula 1 fan.

Formula 1 Chair

Formula 1 Car

Formula 1 Car Chair

F1 Car

F1 Car Chair

Ferrari Formula 1

Ferrari Formula 1 Chair

Ferrari F1 Car

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  1. ajayjshah

    Actually looks as if it’s incredibly comfy. Mount an amp and some sweet speakers in this thing, and you’re set. It would prob. appeal to gamers and such.

  2. Rahul

    Cool!!!…love it

  3. Simplicity??

    At first I wanted to hate it… but I think I actually like it.

  4. Mask

    looks pretty awesome.
    but unless all the rest of your furniature was red and shiny, it wouldnt fit in ^_^

  5. jiggajiggo


  6. gilo

    looks like a nose with a fu man chu from behind. the whole thing is vulgar.

  7. Den

    oh, that’s true! at first a bit weird, but after some secs I start liking the concept and the funny chair itself! Seems very comfortable too with a adjustable headrest! Good idea!

  8. latincrow

    looks cool if only that

  9. Eric

    I feel suspicious there are no pictures of someone sitting in the chair.

  10. JK III

    I saw this on a local news channel today, seriously. Looks like the editor/reporter was having a bad news day :D (If you are reading this, let me tell you that this is cool, but not exactly “news”)

    For clarification, I love this chair. Looks cool :)

  11. nikhil

    ahh that looks… cool.

  12. Niyari

    now if had wheels and a remote hahaha
    looks pretteh sweet to have as decor

  13. Lucky

    look at red nose… dnt like

  14. PHADE

    “At first I wanted to hate it… but I think I actually like it.”

    Couldn’t Agreed With You More “Simplicity??” I Thought It Was Ugly But It’s Really Nice To Have In A Lounge/Game Room.

  15. Alexandra Viranica

    inspiring chair inspired by inspiring motorsport.

  16. Devon Ratchford

    All this for only $5000.00!!!

  17. Robert Smith

    Does anyone know if this chair is actually for sale yet, as i have a client who is very interested to buy it?
    Where does the price tag $5000 come from ?
    MAny thanks

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