Miniature Books

Miniature Books

Jozsef Tari from Hungary has over 4500 miniature books in his collection.

He only collects books which are 76 mm ( 3 inches ) long or smaller. The oldest books in the collection are more than 100 years old.

Small Book

Tiny Books

Microscopic Book

Tiny Book


Small Books

Micro Book

Mini Book

Micro Books

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  1. brittany

    these are so cute. i love the detail

  2. shante

    they are cute :]

  3. hamzeh

    very funny library!

    like it

  4. kadal

    brilliant, a perfect library for a small space….lol

  5. miggy

    saves space too

  6. Larna

    As long as he’s not than that, very cute library…

  7. Daniela

    wow! some of them seem to be amazing!!!

  8. Enkhsaihan

    ho ho ho!the last book was mongolian law book

  9. Eltello

    lacks digital. as the iPod nano could be!

  10. Anna

    the book titled “Das grosse tierbuch für jung und alt” is germen for “The big animal book for young and old” but to me it should be “The SMALL animal book for young and old”

  11. Koi Koi


  12. Katya Caso

    Marvelous library.

  13. Kimberly Molitor

    Wonderful collection! There are many others like him in the Miniature Book Society. Fun group!

  14. fatima.abdullah

    so cute books……….wonderful collection:))))))))))))

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