Unique and Creative Packaging

Unique and Creative Packaging

The most creative, innovative, memorable, and unique packaging designs.

Juice Packaging

Creative “sliced fruit” juice packaging designed by Yunyeen Yong.

Juice Packaging

Champagne Mini Fridge Packaging

Veuve Clicquot champagne comes packaged in a mini fridge.

Champagne Mini Fridge Packaging

Nike Packaging

Unique packaging designed for Nike’s Blue Lobster Dunk sneakers.

Nike Packaging

Splitting Adam CD Packaging

Innovative and unique CD packaging designed for the band Splitting Adam.

Energy Drink Packaging

RPM (revolutions per minute) energy drink inspired by car racing.

Energy Drink Packaging

Jelly Packaging

Awesome packaging designed to resemble sliced in half Kiwi.

Jelly Packaging

Pencil Packaging

Each pencil is contained in a glass cylinder topped with a cork.

Pencil Packaging


Spaghetti Packaging

Chrysler building inspired packaging designed by Alex Creamer.

Spaghetti Packaging

Coffee Mix Straw Packaging

Unique packaging serves as a straw for stirring and sipping coffee.

Coffee Mix Straw Packaging

Milk Packaging

Udder shaped milk bottle designed to help consumers understand that soy milk is just as healthy as regular milk.

Milk Packaging

Headphones Packaging

Panasonic earphones were brilliantly packaged to look like a music note.

Headphones Packaging

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  1. cycarla

    the coffee mix one is genius.

  2. Patrick

    The music note headphones is pretty awesome

  3. old man

    i love them ALL. :)

  4. JoAnn Hines

    Creative packaging makes one product stand out from another on the shelf. That’s half the battle in getting the sale to get the consumer to take a closer look.

    The packages are excellent examples of how unique and distinctive packaging can be.

    Soymamelle is my favorite.

  5. Andrew

    Love your postings…packaging post motivated me enough to comment. Great stuff. Keep them coming

  6. overhemden

    The kiwi is great! haha…

  7. Van

    this is classic toxel, i love all of them, especially the pencils

  8. mea

    it’s so intelligently

  9. Fred

    The soymilk, despite not coming from a cow, still isn’t right. Cows have four teats, three just makes it seem deformed…

  10. Dane

    The coffee straw idea is kind of gross. I don’t know who touched the outside of the container, and I’m not sure if I want whatever they touched in my drink. Just saying.

    On another note, my good friend Rob Heppler designed the Red and Blue Lobster dunks for Nike/Concepts and I still love that idea.

  11. Audrey

    I wish I had fancy pencils..

  12. jaqi mugo

    Not sure if I want to buy an udder for my milk, although it is kinda cute

  13. Hugo

    coffee rules!

  14. x2fr

    The pencil packaging is simply excessive, wasteful, and unnecessary. Using plastic, cork, and cardboard to package wooden pencils?! This is unique and creative but in a really bad way.

  15. Jane

    pretty much all of these are a complete waste. The only one that is useful is the coffee straw, however, I agree with Dane… Maybe if it were plastic wrapped… heh. Such a wasteful species we are.

  16. ugh


    The milk one is verry creative

  17. Vinnie

    I like that each of these is real. Too often you see concepts that wouldn’t work, these are realistic and still very creative.

  18. Dizzy Dee

    Oh these are BRILLIANT!!!

  19. Mandar

    because a whole kiwi is slow?

  20. Jurzy Du'velle

    All of this stuff is sure creative and unique, but it’s FAR from practical. Unless the stuff packaged in those ornate displays is the best of the best, then you’re not going to have any luck trying to market them- people like inventory that’s well-shaped and the smaller the better to fit on various shelves. Thus far, the coffee/straw is the only thing relatively practical (and MAYBE the energy drink packaging, though it’s a maybe.)
    So yes, it’s all very pretty, now fill the pretty cases with luxury-brand products to make ’em worth it.

  21. Elizabeth Stucki

    These products all have excess packaging. I was dismayed at the sneakers packaged in styrofoam! And of course the pencils. Clever but very excessive!

  22. Kathyjog

    I totally agree with Elizabeth. Cant designers be creative and use less packaging, too? And more recyclable matierials in minimized packaging. We need to use a much smaller proportion of our resources on things that get thrown away.

  23. Hisham Soliman

    love the earphones and the spaghetti; all are great.

  24. courtz

    love the poppers!

  25. Taylor May

    Lovee the head phones !! Aghh I want them so bad.

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