Star Wars Inspired R2-D2 Helmet

Star Wars Inspired R2-D2 Helmet

Creative motorcycle helmet inspired by the R2-D2 droid from Star Wars.

R2-D2 helmet was created by professional pastry artist Jennifer Hall.

Star Wars Helmet

R2-D2 Helmet

Star Wars R2-D2 Helmet

R2 Helmet

Star Wars Inspired Helmet

R2D2 Helmet

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  1. MrFristi

    briiip bliep biiuep….

    Well yes R2 i thought so too

  2. poulop

    she’s cute :)

  3. miggy

    I like it the scooter that is

  4. Ninja Egg :D

    yeah i like the scooter too. but the helmet is even better!!!!!!

  5. Dominic


  6. trolololol

    shes hot. and she likes star wars. its like……. jesus in a person.

  7. azeem

    she is cuteee

  8. James Ward

    We’ll call her U2Me2

  9. TomD

    Now, if she looked like the Tron Guy, but in female form, that just wouldn’t be quite the same. It sure doesn’t hurt that she is so cute. Her next project I think, should be to repaint the scooter, and make it look like an X-Wing.

    She needs to get this sweater to finish the ensemble.

  10. Yocdub

    Wait theres a helmet in these pics!

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