Rope Sculptures

Rope Sculptures

Beautiful sculptures created by talented Brazilian sculptor Mozart Guerra.

The artist makes realistic three-dimensional models of animal and human heads and then wraps them with nylon rope.

Mozart Guerra Art

Mozart Guerra Rope Art

Mozart Guerra Rope Sculptures

Rope Sculpture by Mozart Guerra


Rope Sculpting

Mozart Guerra Sculpture

Rope Sculptures by Mozart Guerra

Rope Art

Rope Creation

Nylon Rope Art

Rope Animal

Rope Art by Mozart Guerra

Art Made of Rope

Nylon Rope

Made of Rope

Rope Sculpture

Rope Creations

Mozart Guerra Sculptures

Rope Animals

Mozart Guerra Rope Sculpture

Rope Sculptor

Mozart Guerra

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  1. kadal

    AWESOME !!!
    like the yawning baboon most, the teeth looks real.

  2. Betty

    wow. These are truly amazing. Great art!

  3. gunneos

    Nice, although it would’ve been even more impressive if he’d made them purely out of rope without the 3D model.

  4. Subarulol

    That last one is really some thing along with those threered monkey heads _awestruck_hear no evil , see no evil , speak no evil <3

  5. OgTheDim

    Awesome. Like the latter work of David Mach, who makes sculptures out of magazines, clothes hangers, & taxidermied animals.

  6. Midet

    These are great, but, what is that the baboon is holding? :/

  7. Douglas

    It appears to be an artillery shell. The skull and giraffe are holding grenades. Guy likes monkeys. Nice work.

  8. Chedie

    This is so awesome! Love the last one. :D

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