Alcohol in Milk Cartons

Alcohol in Milk Cartons

Ecohols series by German designer Jörn Beyer features alcoholic beverages packaged in cartons instead of distinctive glass bottles.

The artist wants to find out if customers would still buy products of major liquor brands if they were sold in simplified packaging.

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka Packaging


Jagermeister Packaging

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

Jack Daniels Packaging

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  1. Andy

    Actually not a new idea, alcohol is sold in milk cartons over here in Korea and Japan also. Even the small lunch box sized ones!

  2. kshlong

    people will certainly buy it. I always bought the carton booze for personal consumption and the glass bottles for “show” on the kitchen shelf. The cartons are cheaper and easier to compact or cut up for hiding and secretly trying to disposing of them in bulk. No clinking sounds coming from the garbage bag as you are smile and tell your wife “I’ll take out the garbage today dear.”

  3. Elphi

    I don’t drink alcohol, but could that affect the taste?

  4. alex

    glass is used because it it inert material which doesn’t pervert taste of beverage.
    i would worry if paper/plastic material doesn’t interfere with alcohol taste,
    though design is nice.

  5. Will

    Is this more recyclable than glass?

  6. Pat Branch

    It’s a cool idea. I think people may be subconsciously inclined to drink more out of a carton than a bottle because they’re typically drunk fairly quickly being milk or juice.

  7. Christy John

    We already have liquor packaged in paper cans here in India. I don’t find it a problem. Moreover here I find it easy for disposal.

  8. Dominic

    This is so awesome! Where can i buy?

  9. mari

    Seems like it would be easier to carry in you have to buy a whole bunch

  10. Lilia Smiles

    I agree with alex… i don’t drink but i think there is much less of a chance of glass changing the taste of the alcohol vs. paper/plastic. i think both types of packaging could be used but it’s almost impossible to completely revert to cartons.

  11. Tom

    Since when do they need expiry dates?

  12. alan

    I’m thinking that glass takes more energy to produce/recycle than paper

  13. PO

    I hardly think people would buy Absolut Vodka in cartons for the same prise they pay for the glass bottle today. And for Absolut it would be brand suicide. It is the reckognizable glass bottle that is the brand, not the liquor itself.

  14. Julie

    This messes with my head, milk is my hangover cure. If alcohol came out of the same shaped container… *shudder*

  15. Ronald Lewerissa

    So what did the designer find out? Did consumers still buy it or not?

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