Cars Transformed Into Cows

Cars Transformed Into Cows

Incredible sculptures created by Miina Akkijyrkka out of recycled car parts.

Finnish artist has been making unique art for more than 30 years. Her most famous creations are metal sculptures that look like giant cows.

Cow Made from Car Parts

Cow Sculpture

Cow Sculptures

Metal Cow

Cars Turned Into Cows

Cows Made from Car Parts

Cow Transformer

Steel Cow

Miina Akkijyrkka

For more inspiration, check out: 15 Amazing Used Tire Sculptures

  1. Oliver


  2. KKL


  3. pTc


  4. hala


  5. The Hooded CLaw

    That is very cool, although being a VW enthusiast the first thing I thought was “Ohh, T3!”.

  6. Lilia Smiles

    WOW….big cows! :) I love how they look quite life-like, but the only problem might be rust… idk maybe she sprayed it with some anti-rust spray.

  7. D.AiM


  8. kadal

    destroy the autobot..!!

  9. Gert

    Best use of cash for clunkers ever.

  10. Chedie

    Another version of Transformers XD

  11. tt

    It’s like if Richard Chamberlain works for Chik-Fil-A.

    also, 3rd picture, the real cow is like .. “wtf….”

  12. trolololol

    i like the lady in the last picture lol

  13. Rebekah

    I guess thats better than making cars out of cow parts! Seriously, amazing.

  14. OOO


  15. Journey

    Optimus PrimeRIB

    I see a Chick-Fil-A calendar calling

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