Clever and Creative T-Shirt Designs

Clever and Creative T-Shirt Designs

Creative t-shirt designs and clever uses of t-shirts in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Zoo Safari T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts were designed to promote Zoo Safari in Brazil. Zoo Safari: You’ve never been so close to a lion/tiger.

Zoo Safari T-Shirts

FedEx T-Shirt

Creative t-shirts designed for unique FedEx campaign make it look like the wearer is carrying a FedEx envelope around.

FedEx T-Shirt

Invisible T-Shirt

This is what would happen if you use the Photoshop eraser tool on yourself! Designed by Reece Ward.

Invisible T-Shirt

Marshall Music T-Shirts

Music Connection was re-branded as Marshall Music and personalized gifts were designed to communicate the name change to the market, but due to their popularity, the tees are now for sale in the store.

Marshall Music T-Shirts

Skin T-Shirt

Skin T-Shirt

H4H Hair Formula T-Shirt

Clever t-shirt was used to market hair growth products in Singapore.

H4H Hair Formula T-Shirt

Apartment Building T-Shirt

Unusual apartment building t-shirt designed by SQY-T.

Apartment Building T-Shirt

Gun T-Shirt

You can carry a gun, but it is preferable to wear one.

Gun T-Shirt

Batman Full Zip-Up Hoodie

Not exactly a t-shirt, but we had to feature it anyway because its just so unique. This Batman hoodie is a full blown image of Batman screen printed on a full zip-up black hoodie. Check out the eye holes. It’s a type of mesh that you can see through while still keeping others from seeing you.

Batman Full Zip-Up Hoodie

PowerHouse Healthclub T-Shirt

This is a satire of the need to work out. An inlet-outlet rubber is attached to the t-shirt, the guy is giving an impression of an air balloon and powerhouse is the ultimate destination to let the air out.

PowerHouse Healthclub T-Shirt

Rita T-Shirts

Carry less. These T-shirts are printed with every day items and accessories, the way they’re worn. “Beverly Hills 1980s-style” series includes a classic Walkman, roller skates, Ray-Ban shades and luckily a gun holster.

Rita T-Shirts

Walkman T-Shirt

Walkman T-Shirt

Gun Holster T-Shirt

Gun Holster T-Shirt

For more creative t-shirts, check out: Interactive T-Shirts from Japan

  1. Sandy

    Love the designs, they are very creative and even inspirational. I thought of designs like those but thought that people wouldn’t like them but now I see.


  2. weng jian

    so fanny

  3. toby

    I saw a t-shirt printed FBI but do u know wts FBI means? female body inspector!! its cool!!!

  4. Piapee

    omg i love the batman jacket and fedex shirt!!!

  5. eleven

    I love the music T-shirts, especially the microphone!

  6. Kevin

    The Photoshop eraser tool shirt is pretty clever. There can be many different applications of this shirt showing different “layers” underneath. You’ve got the obvious skeleton, but what about the Intel Inside logo or an alien at the controls.

    Thanks for the collection. I recently saw a baby outfit with a tie printed on it that I thought was funny.

  7. Frank

    They are great!. My favorite: Invisible, Apartment Building and Gun. Thanks.

  8. Krylun

    Holster. Wow, the t-shirt I never knew I always wanted. Amazing

  9. little boy

    I like the gun T-shirt, very interesting

  10. Panstwa

    Gun T-shirt is great!

  11. Jessica

    I want to wear the skin shirt… just to mess with people’s heads. you know… cause I’m a girl… hehehe…

  12. amanhem

    nice and clever desings,
    and power house T-shirt is great!

  13. Phuong Hoa Le

    they are all so cool!

  14. Benny Mitchell

    Very cool designs. They look almost real. Great job

  15. T-Shirt Shop

    I’m breathless for such cool tees!! I love the building tee and the Batman hoodie… masterpieces made apparel. The only one I don’t like is the Fedex one. In general, superb job, i love your posts!

  16. shafeer

    very good & latest designs.

  17. clennsunico

    awesome! I like the batman design. :)

  18. bright

    coooool tees :)
    how can i buy them?
    somebody plz send me the way to get them!

  19. Valeria

    great set !!!! I just love the gun t-shirt!@_@ looks amazing!

  20. Sachin

    coooool tees :)
    how can i buy them?
    somebody plz send me the way to get them!

  21. Irishness

    the skin t shirt is weird. that aint what my skin looks like!

  22. tshirprince

    i like H4H Hair Formula T-Shirt.

  23. tshirprince

    Very nice designs, i like more Apartment Building T-Shirt

  24. itsbrandnew

    the gun in your pants and Fed Ex ones are my faves! I love them!

  25. yungstunna

    how can we purchase?

  26. agent zero

    THE GUN T-SHIRT IS FREAKIN AWESOME ! where do i get it? please reply!

  27. Rit

    someone does not like to reading his T-shirt, tell him to the invisible t-shirt…he he

  28. prasanna

    can u heilp me in designing a t shirt with a helicopter design?

  29. julius


  30. Punk Hoodies

    Nowadays t shirt designing is one of the popular profession.

  31. atalina08

    the fed-ex one is hilirious
    “um…is that for me”

    “um…no, thats on my shirt ya dillhole”


  32. pallvi

    fab collection…!!!!

  33. songkai

    I love the all designs.

  34. Jayme

    Love the last one with the gun holster, but where can you buy it?!?!?!!?!?

  35. franklin

    i want to get the one with the gun holder in a good material and in different colours…i need close to 100 how can i get them and how much is it going to cost me.

  36. lily

    batman FTW!

  37. Conure

    We are into manufacturing of T-shirts..

  38. sobia

    i loveee the gun, and body print t-shirts they are awesome so unique and different. they should be sold in shops they are fabb!!
    love them!!

  39. Fibers

    Great bunch of illusion t-shirts. The fake hair and fedex package are my favorites.

  40. Michael Scott

    Hi I would really like to get one of the tees with the gun holster. Is that possible? I couldn’t find it on the supplied link.

  41. nani

    it’s it…

  42. aparna

    fantastic designs.loved them.

  43. jeanmi

    nice designs::: i love the gun shirts and the shirts that has the headsets designs

  44. jeanmi

    nice one: H4H Hair Formula T-Shirt, i love it!!!

  45. awexa

    ok so i like some of these alotttt,,
    but i see like 3 comments asking about buying, and i want to know where we can tooo!! :)

  46. ben

    so cool …gun holster….
    how we gonna draw it ourselves..?!
    i mean our designs

  47. tef

    really funny

  48. Benjammin

    So.. i couldnt find the gun holster t shirt anywhere online. can anyone send me a link to where i can buy it. or something. thankss

  49. Big Shurm

    good luck. those gun shirts were made for a very limited time by a company in canada. Ritas designs i think. my girl got in contact them, but sadly there are now more. they are considering producing them again.

  50. rishi

    all are fine
    i try to keep this 4 my group day

  51. Ryan

    Found the gun holster t-shirt here:

    sadly only women sizes are left. they have other styles there as well. hope this helps.

  52. Susan

    wow, very fantastic! I’ve never seen such designs! Thank you!
    From Susan, China!

  53. balu

    very fantastic t shirts ,
    thank you.

  54. fritz


  55. Chen

    cool , i like the gun


    I want the Invisible T-Shirt!!! :))) It’s so cool and creative!

  57. deytona

    This designs are of the hook…buh i cant help but wonder what printin tecnique was used. Heat transfer?

  58. Stephani e

    How do I order any of these?? I would really like the girls gun holster one plus I work at FEdEx and would love that one..especially if you have one for FedEx Ground

  59. dae

    I loved them t shirts

  60. Steve

    Who knows the manufacturer of the ROCK GUITAR T-shirt shown on

  61. Dada

    Could anybody tell me where I can find the walkman one?
    Please, I do want it^^.

  62. Brituhknee

    COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOl love the skin looking one pretty cool1

  63. Shimpy

    i love the walkman T-shirt..Mind Blowing designs yaar…. Great job done….

  64. welmar

    very nice! filipino here posting appreciation…

  65. kalimba

    where i can buy?

  66. kalai

    cool and interesting designings………….
    expecting moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  67. jesse

    so fanny

  68. ChEeSe

    i really liked the appartment one!!!

  69. angel

    i like the fedex one
    i think the skin one is stupid beacuse girls cant wear it

  70. miggy

    love the gun shirt

  71. katie

    all i have to say is those shirts are AWESOME!!! i need ideas for my school can you guys help?

  72. simon's

    the ipad and headset t shirt rocks.

  73. Bilal

    Walkman T-Shirt is a best and awesome

  74. Nicholas

    Like your designs esp the one with the head sets

  75. Vanessa v

    Where Can I buy them?

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