Coat Hanger Sculptures

Coat Hanger Sculptures

David Mach creates incredible 3D sculptures out of metal clothes hangers.

The artist transforms thousands of coat hangers into massive sculptures that look like animals, humans, and popular fictional characters.

Coat Hanger Sculpture

Coat Hanger Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Coat Hanger Head

Coat Hanger King Kong

Coat Hanger Bear

CoatHanger Sculptures

Coat Hangers

David Mach

Coat Hanger Tiger

CoatHanger Tiger

Coat Hanger Christ

Coat Hanger Cosmonaut

Coat Hanger Astronaut

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  1. Niyari

    first thought “……how?”

  2. Fillibert

    yes looks like a metal sculpture with hooks sticking out

  3. K

    The human faces with the coat hanger effect reminds me of Hellraiser. I love it.

  4. OOO

    Awesome!!!! & How?!?!

  5. woops

    If you look at his page, it looks like he makes a sculpture of his work first, and then covers it in hangers. Still neat.

  6. Dominic

    Wow, dont know how he does them so Perfectly but nice work.

  7. Festival Bretagne

    fantastic! what imagination!

  8. Rudy

    The actual sculpture is done very well.
    The clothes hangers seem like an after thought, but a neat one.
    It’s not like he transformed coat hangers into sculptures as you indicated.

  9. Rudy

    I take my previous comments back. I thought the sculptures where styrofoam and he just stuck the clothed angers in…
    I couldn’t get the images sharp enough to get the details but checked out his website.

  10. OgTheDim

    He’s an amazing artist. There’s a book out that features his phone book, found object, and newspaper sculptures.

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