Unique Champagne Bottles

Unique Champagne Bottles

Beautiful and creative limited edition bottles designed for ZARB champagne.

These unusual champagne art bottles were created by Cedric Laquieze, Edhv, La Bolleur, Tjep, Hanna Hermans, and other talented artists.

Zarb Champagne


Zarb Life Champagne


Zarb Death Champagne


Zarb Champagne Packaging


Zarb Funeral Champagne


Zarb Feathers Champagne


Zarb Ribbons Champagne


Creative Champagne Bottle


Zarb Dress Champagne

Zarb Bottle


Zarb Fragile Champagne

Champagne Super Soaker

Zarb Champagne Super Soaker

Fire Extinguisher

Zarb Fire Extinguisher Champagne


Zarb Rocket Champagne

For more creative designs, check out: Cool and Unusual Packaging

  1. The Doctor

    Eh, I think it’s creative but I don’t really like them…..

  2. chupacabra

    kind of kitchy

  3. Matador

    Quite dispencable and not really designed. just some flimflam around ordinary bottles. decadent and boring at the same time.

  4. I Like Traffic Lights

    Well I like them.

  5. Sharyn

    I quite like them too, especially the Life & Death ones. They’ll look pretty on a shelf or in a wine rack, and I could see fans of the brand buying a few bottles with different decorations just for the fun value.

  6. Mon Sun C

    Cool designs. I love them.

  7. Chedie

    Well this is definitely another way to display your wine bottles. :D

  8. Lea

    I like the hairstyles of the girls :D

  9. angel

    @the doctor i agree

  10. Karen


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