Ironing Board Mirror

Ironing Board Mirror by Aïssa Logerot

Designed by Aïssa Logerot, this innovative mirror turns into an ironing board when needed.

According to the designer, the ironing board mirror is a link between two consecutive actions: clothes ironing and dress up.

Ironing Board Mirror Design

Ironing Board Mirror Idea

Ironing Board Mirror Concept

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  1. Megan

    Clever idea to save space. I like it.

  2. Mike

    Damn good idea!


  3. Richi

    Perfect. Now make it a tennis table. :]

  4. Josiah

    Brilliant…where do i buy?

  5. Paul Sample

    woooow this is a great idea!

  6. Tuti Hermawati

    A brilliant smart idea…. in store already…..?? i would like to have one…..

  7. Peter Ong

    ingenious idea, saves space too!

  8. Chetan Sorab

    Clever stuff.

  9. kiz

    Genius! I wish I had one!

  10. haydenpub

    Very practical, almost as practical as a laser sight :-)

  11. trolomax

    Neat idea, but wouldn’t the heat of the iron cause discoloration to the foil/paint after a short period of time?

  12. Ara Pehlivanian

    Hah! We keep an ironing board /behind/ a stand-up mirror. This would save us a bunch of space :-) Brilliant!

  13. EconomyGlass

    No mirrors no longer have foil or paint. As long as there is a peice of material between the backing and the board it’ll cause no harm.

  14. Jen

    Are these available for purchase anywhere? What a great idea!

  15. Rafa

    I hate the comments like “Neat idea, but wouldn’t the heat of the iron cause discoloration to the foil/paint after a short period of time?” It is a great idea and some people are so jealous!!!! hahahahahaha
    Is a pity if nobody produce it!!!

  16. Liza Mae

    I want one!!

  17. paintbot

    good idea, but i think it looks fugly as hell. maybe if they made the base more tastefull.

  18. delere

    indeed paintbot. good idea but does it have to look so much like an ironing board?

  19. Maverick Hampton

    O.k. AWESOME!! Where can I get one of these?

  20. mikaella catahan

    cool keep the room more some space

  21. neslihan

    how can i buy this?

  22. Priscilla

    How can i buy it?

  23. carise


  24. tiziana alvino

    I would like to buy the mirror ironing board in Italy. Please let me know


    Im very interested with the Iron Board with Mirror product. Please let me know how can I purchase it. I am from Malaysia

  26. Marilyn

    I agree. I looked for this item online to compare price and possibly purchase in the future, but could not find the page. Please forward me a link with price. Thank you

  27. Heather

    NEED. Where can you buy this?!

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