Innovative Two Way Doors

ERGON Two Way Doors by Venetian Celegon

ERGON is an innovative door mounting system that allows the door to be opened in both directions of travel with a simple push.

ERGON Two Way Doors by Venetian Celegon 2

ERGON Two Way Doors by Venetian Celegon 3

ERGON Two Way Doors by Venetian Celegon 4

As an added bonus, ERGON doors require 50% less space to open than regular doors and are perfect for small apartments.

ERGON Two Way Doors by Venetian Celegon 5

ERGON Two Way Doors by Venetian Celegon 6

ERGON Two Way Doors by Venetian Celegon 7

ERGON Two Way Doors by Venetian Celegon 8

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  1. Jerry del Pozo

    that’s odd

  2. f3

    very interesting idea

  3. mojo

    OOD WOB!
    Intreguing desin

    YAY for streak of no iPhone posts!!!

  4. Claudio

    Why not? I like it

  5. p382c

    interesting idea indeed…BUT! that metal hinge at the floor is bound to snag your pinky toe.

  6. amanhem

    i think usefull design work

  7. omni

    theres no hinge on the floor

  8. Dimitri

    I had a door like that! Actually it was a different one. It was a regular door from IKEA. But when I mounted it it worked just like this one. Still have the leftover screws.

  9. JACster

    Floating hinges aren’t new. And it’s the most natural thing to push a door open. Wouldn’t use the design on a door that lead outside though. Security issues and all.

  10. saitokthx

    is that….innovative at all?
    that knob has no use what so ever, unless you’re gonna fool your friends lol

    but what am i saying, i’d get one

  11. PC Paul

    “that knob has no use what so ever”

    What do you think holds it in the closed/locked position?

    As for ‘the hinge on the floor’, did you look at the pictures at all? Or did you think it was ‘shopped?

    I like the idea.

  12. lano


  13. Roni

    Innovative, but an accident waiting to happen. Someone or something could potentially get behind the door and get injured when the door moves. You must always contemplate all potential accidents of household gadgets prior to production.

  14. Inq



    A normal door opens moor on the opposite side to the opener than this does. By your comment, normal doors are worse. Think.

  15. SCG

    Yeah, at my college this door system has been used on the main freshmen housing entrance. These doors are are not meant for lots of traffic, or opening quickly – I’ve opened the door and have hit myself or others next to or behind me on numerous occasions, and I’ve seen this occur to many others. I say we just stick to the same old hinged door we’re used to.

  16. chalk141

    This is a great idea. I’m always either getting hurt or embarrassed by the fact that some doors go in while other go out which makes things very complicated when your under the influence. So I like this idea, I think its perfect for the party world, except the fact that itd make it ten times easier to brake in.

  17. Jack


  18. Stig2k

    It doesn’t take up 50% less space at all. It just transfers 50% of the usual ammount of space required to the other side of the opening.

  19. chris

    it looks like this door is more of a luxury than a functional concept

  20. 1 minute

    How is this innovative? All you have to do is change the door frame one SLIGHT amount, so that it is even on both sides instead of having a stopper on one side. Voila! You just made your door a two way door with a total cost of $0 and a construction and design time of 1 minute. -______-

  21. faceless

    That design is great for forced entries. There is now an excellent weak spot on the opposite side of the handle where a well placed kick from a thief or a one man ram blow from a rapid insertion team opens the door.

    Be warned nefarious college students.

  22. Melissa

    I wonder how the hinge on the bottom of the door would work for carpeted floors?

  23. Ara Pehlivanian

    Yeah, and like with all swinging doors, now you’ve got to worry about being smashed in the face at home too. One way doors are probably a better bet when you can’t see who’s coming.

    Points for the innovative design, but not very practical.

  24. LOM

    I’m sure it’s very useful … until you want to get a piece of furniture in there that only just fits through a standard doorway, and you have to take the door off of the hinge just to get it through.

  25. Essmart Developer

    That’s really cool idea!!!

  26. Kirvi Inci

    LOM- I was just thinking the same thng. They look to be more of an incovience than anything else.

  27. Deel je huiswerk

    Very interesting! I like the geometry and physics of it :)

    Greetings, Huiswerk from Holland

  28. guymandude

    I have already seen doors of this nature inside psych wards. This design is actually less efficient because it decreases the size of the opening with that little bit of swing room it has. Design fail.

  29. wawa

    ehat if some one comes inside when you go out than BOOM

  30. Vegas Jay

    Great… Way to re-invent the wheel, err I mean door.

  31. Marty k

    Where can you get these? Any distributors in Canada?

  32. -dan z-

    Reduces the width of the door entrance considerably. Protrudes into rooms or halls on both sides when left open, rather than folding back against the wall. Seems pretty impractical, and rather unsightly. No thanks.

    -dan z-

  33. Peter

    If you put a bookshelf on the front of that and a secret room on the other side I’m totally buying one.

  34. punkrockdave

    Another invention inspired by video games.

  35. vivian

    it is interesting…but seems not that safe

  36. erwin


    Doors that open both sides are as old as western movies.
    Why this dificult design?
    If it’s only for the looks, oke perfect it looks cool.

  37. Perplexed

    Great. So now one of the simplest functioning items in a typical home has been rendered more complex, more prone to failure and injure and accomplished exactly 0 tasks more efficiently.

    Yea for design!

  38. Nonfik

    not innovative

  39. Tarukai

    I’d rather just have a door that slides into the wall, thanks. what’s that? 0% of the room is taken up and it can be completely collapsed into the wall? sounds good to me.

  40. Kitty

    This is awesome! It’s just like most of the doors in my building! You know, the ones that lead to the hallway, the bathrooms, stairwell… They’re everywhere!

    Except THOSE doors don’t have a part that juts out the other side when you open it. Now that’s what I call innovation.

  41. Peter_Slovakia

    I like it, cause it saves some place. Seems perfect for my toilet door, in front of that is in the hall the main entrance door. But only this system costs some 300+ Eur…

  42. DJ

    WOW! How completely pointless.

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