Fingernail Art

Fingernail Art

Beautiful and creative fingernail art by talented artist Kayleigh O’Connor.

Unique artworks were inspired by movies, video games, and TV shows.

Breaking Bad Nail Art

Breaking Bad Nails

Fruit Salad Nail Art

Fruit Nails

Jaws Nail Art

Jaws Nails

Snow White Nail Art

Snow White Nails

Star Wars R2-D2 Nail Art

R2-D2 Nails

Indiana Jones Nail Art

Indiana Jones Nails



Game of Thrones Nail Art

Game of Thrones Nails

Freddie Mercury Nail Art

Freddie Mercury Nails

Edward Scissorhands Nail Art

Edward Scissorhands Nails

Ariel Nail Art

Ariel Nails

Professor Frink Nail Art

Professor Frink Nails

Brian Griffin Nail Art

Brian Griffin Nails

Karl Pilkington Nail Art

Karl Pilkington Nails

A Clockwork Orange Nail Art

Clockwork Orange Nails

Tetris Nail Art

Tetris Nails

Batman Nail Art

Batman Nails

For more inspiration, check out: 14 Examples of Creative Nail Art

  1. Enrico Martinez

    Some designs are ok, some are outrageous.
    But I don’t have an itch for it.
    And I hate to scratch myself with Edward Scissorhands nail art.

  2. OrangAkaun

    Amd the Dark Knight Riseeee….

  3. Vivian

    I don’t really think this is all that original, you can practically take anything and just paste it onto the nail.. There is way more creative and original nail art out there. (And maybe more practical)

  4. Nisa Zul

    so cute… hahaha

  5. James

    I second vivian, many of the designs seemed sloppy as well…

    If its not innovative, it should have excellent execution.

    I thought the fruit salad one was nicely done, I can see a drag queen using it.

  6. Gert

    Too much time on my hands… I’ve got too much time on my hands…

  7. Douglas

    Agree with the others. Much better nail art out there. This stuff just looks bad.

  8. KayleighOC

    Thanks guys :)

    Just wanted to say, I don’t paste anything on to my nails :) And only do them for fun, it’s just that some people seem to like them, so I share them :) x

    *well, except for glueing on the stupid stuff like the crystals and fruits, obviously :) hah

  9. Pedro Hazza

    personally i really like it

  10. krista

    very nice job i loved the Freddie mercary and the clock work orange

  11. Alacia

    These are amazing, even if I’ve seen her work before. They’re not pasted on, anyway, aside from the 3D stuff like the fruit salad.

  12. OOO

    Freddie Mercury Nail Art is so cool!!!

  13. margeaux

    I really think these nails are super dope! I dont care what the other people say there so awesome and creative and i think there totally original and fun! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  14. Brittany

    How do you do the Tetris nails? I want to do them but can’t figure out how to cut the nail like that.

  15. Tamsyn

    i dont care what other nail artist say i think these are brilliantly awesome and require talent, equipment and style keep working

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